Monday, December 29, 2014

Ta Ta For Now! :)

Soooo... I'm gonna be honest, I really don't want to write an email today. There is just so much to do. But I'll doing it for y'all because I love all y'all!

Merry Christmas! I hope you had a fantastic day! :)

Transfer news... Well I'm actually transferring missions :/ I'll be in the Texas San Antonio Mission for a short lay over (couple days) and then off to the Utah Ogden Mission. It'll be good. I'm super sad to leave North Carolina, but I know the Lord has a plan. ... Also, another really sad thing, so there are 30 sisters going home this and next transfer and only like 4 coming out. Which means a lot of sisters areas are being closed. So Sister Steinagel is getting transferred too. We have to deep clean our apartment and get rid of the food and media. :/ not fun.

Ummm... I don't really know what else to write.

I want to thank all y'all for all the support you've given me. Whether vocally, through letters, or just through your prayers. It has helped me so much. Thank you. I couldn't have done this, and served honorably, without you.

I know that God is my Heavenly Father. He loves me and knows me personally. He is your Father in Heaven too. He loves and knows you personally. He sent His Son to die for each of us. Jesus Christ is His son. He is my Savior and Redeemer. While on Earth, He taught His gospel of Faith in Him, Repentance, Baptism by immersion, Receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost by the Laying on of hands, and enduring to the end. I know that if we follow His example and doth these things in this life, we will be eternally happy in God's presence. Joseph Smith is the prophet of this last dispensation that restored Christ's Church and Christ's Authority to the earth. Without this authority, baptism is incomplete. But it has been restored to the earth and is found in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Thomas S. Monson is the prophet who leads and guides the church, under the direction of Jesus Christ, today. I have been called to preach the gospel in the people of North Carolina by President Monson, a prophet. I am grateful for my service here. I'm grateful for the people I've met and how I could be a part of their lives.

I love you all! :)

- Sister Miriah Loosle -
      John 3:16-17
   He came to save!

Monday, December 22, 2014


 Here is one of President (Santa), Sister Craven, Sister Stienagel, and I :) 

The Shaking Jar of Life

Dear Friends, Family, Elders, Sisters, Wonderful People, Everyone!

Isn't it such a fantastic time of year? I absolutely love it here! So on Saturday we got our first "Snow fall" of the season. I just have to laugh because it didn't even stick! But it was very pretty :).

After writing this whole email I decided I needed to change the order, so I'm putting the sad stuff first, then everything happy! :)

So sad news, On Saturday we went to Bonita's lesson. And no kidding, in 17 months and 24 days this had never happened to me. I had only heard of it happening. We got up to the door and there's a grocery bag on the handle, with a note and the pass-a-long card we had given her. Well I read the note. Let me tell you I was not happy. I was actually so frustrated. I felt like people were hypocrites and immature. Being all nice, but then not telling us face to face that they don't want to meet. Well I got over it. What else can you do? And as we were walking around. Mind you it's literally freezing, and we're biking. I felt prompted to knock on a particular door. Scotty answered the door. And although he was not interested, he offered us Hot Chocolate for the road :) The tender mercies of the Lord are great!

So much happened this week! We celebrated Santa Lusia with the Anderson's (it's suppose to be on the 13th, but that was the Ward Christmas Party. So they had it on Monday night with us. It was fun! Some of their non-member friends were there.  It's a Swedish tradition and I want to do it in my future family :)

We saw Lourdes again. She's opening up more. And she let us into her house. We shared He is the Gift with her. She said we could come back after the 1st :).

We taught a Hindu family this week. That was an interesting experience. Haven't done that before. It's different because most people we teach at least believe in Jesus Christ. So we had to teach very simply. And we're going back in January.

We had Tri-Zone Conference this week! Super fun! I got to see Sister Morris, Sister Reading, and Sister Wood! We played Jeopardy like last year. It was so fun! My group would have won if we played the entire game, but we didn't have time :P.

In Zone Conference President talked about the Shaking Jar of Life. It's a jar full of black beans and a few Walnut. Well that's life for ya. When you shake it the little beans go to the bottom and the walnuts to the top. Some people are like the little beans, always thinking, "if I had *insert something here*, I'd be able to be on top." But they never change their attitude, so they stay small. However, unlike the bean, we as people can grow bigger, so we can be on top. It's all about our attitude and perspective. :)

So great news! Amy's mom got baptized this weekend!! She's in the High Point Stake, but we heard about it from Amy and the sisters there. It is so fantastic! :) She was so skeptical when Amy first started learning back in June. And now she's a member too! :) Multigenerational families firmly rooted in the gospel, (going to be) sealed in the temple!

The Christmas Program yesterday was great! :) in Relief Society we talked about the Role of LDS Women. If you didn't see my Facebook, here is a more accurate quote from one of the sisters: "The calling of motherhood is a divine calling that we received before we came to earth and extends far beyond that of having children."

- Sister Miriah Loosle -
      John 3:16-17
   He came to save!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Elder D. Todd Christofferson

Dear Wonderful Family and Friends,

I hope your Christmas Season is going well. :) I know mine is. We are seeing many miracles, especially from the video He is the Gift! Have you shared it yet? It is a wonderful tool that the church is using this season, to remember the true meaning of Christmas. Please share it! Many will be blessed because of it.

We got in contact with Sihban again! :) She's been reading since we last saw her back in begging of November. She's in Alma now! We also met Derek on Monday. He is so prepared! We just need to stay in contact with him.

We met Robin on Tuesday. She is so wonderful! We shared "He is the Gift" with her and she loved it! We also met Sarah that night. She's was a former investigator, and our other appointment fell through, so we tried her. She let us right in! It was great!

On Wednesday we met Whitney. She's had a hard life, but the gospel is the cure. We are seeing her tomorrow and I'm excited! :)

So on Saturday we got up at 4:45am, to drive down to Charlotte, to hear from an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ. Elder D. Todd Christofferson came and spoke to all the missionaries. It was a great conference! I don't even know where to begin. He really just did a question and answer. He talked about the Priesthood, Grace, and more. It was so wonderful!

Saturday night was the ward Christmas Party. It was really good, focused on Jesus Christ. We took some left over food to the Wagner's. And Sister Wagner wanted to come to church. So we got her a ride! And she came! For the first time in a few years! It was so great. She only stayed for sacrament because she's still getting over pneumonia. But it was still good to see her!

Church was wonderful as always! :) We didn't have any recent converts or investigator at church, so the missionaries went to Mission Prep to help teach.

We had dinner with the Mitchell's. They also signed up for the 26th (my 18th month mark) which is super weird, because they saw me when I first came out.

I love y'all! :) Never stop believing in yourself.

- Sister Miriah Loosle -
     John 3:16-17
  He came to save!

Monday, December 8, 2014

He is the Gift

Christmas is only in 2 and 3 days! Oh my goodness, where does time go?

This week was really good. We had exchanges and Sister Steinagel found 3 new investigators while I was in Guilford with Sister Holmon (she came out with me).

This week was also very difficult. And I did not handle some news from the ward very well. But a surprise visit from President put everything back into perspective and it's all good now. :) We got a call Saturday after exchanging back from Sister Craven asking if they could visit with us in 40 mins. My stomach dropped, because there were leaves all over the apartment! We had biked all week and it was wet, so we dragged them in. Thank goodness she didn't say anything. I think she understood.

President wanted to speak with both my companion and I, privately. So while one talked to Sister Craven on the couch, the other was in the bedroom talking to President. Let me tell you it was the weirdest interview with him I've ever had. I was sitting on my bed and he was sitting on Sister Steingal's. it was strange. But just what I needed.

At Zone Meeting we got our He is the Gift initiative cards...finally. If you haven't seen or shared the so now! :) It's so great! :)

Church was great yesterday! :) Relief Society was all about Charity. It was a fantastic lesson!

The Christmas Devotional was amazing as well. My favorite was D. Todd Christofferson's talk about how we are of noble spiritual birth and we need to live up to it.

I love y'all ! :)

- Sister Miriah Loosle -
     John 3:16-17
  He came to save!

P.S. Remember don't send me anything for Christmas, I'll be having a
late Christmas at home with my family, so send it to: 
11421 Kingsgate Dr.  Austin, TX 78748

Monday, December 1, 2014

Miracles, Transfers, Thanksgiving, and Early Christmas

Happy December Y'all! :)

Goodness can y'all believe it is already December! My oh my how time flys when your having fun!

This week has been full of miracles!

But first! Nana sent me a package with some (3) presents in it. One for my companion and two for me. One of them for me and the one for Sister Pulley said to open them right now. So we did. It was fun to open presents already. The other one is under our tree. Have I told y'all about our tree? It's a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. It has 3 ordainments right now, one present, and a star (from a yellow sticky-note). It's cute! :) Nana also gave us Santa Hats.

On Monday night we had FHE with the Murchison's, who told us hey are moving in December to California! Just out of the blue! Well Brother  Murchison got a job out there.

Tuesday was transfers. I said good-bye to Sister Pulley. It has been a good past 3 months. She has grown so much! And I said hello to Sister Steinagel, from St. George, Utah. So Utah  wins 5-3 with companions.

I also said good-bye to Sister Tucker on Tuesday. That was super weird! (She was my MTC companion). So she's home now, along with Sister Kenyon (she was in my MTC district). They went home early so they can get to school on time.

Thanksgiving was fun! We went to three members homes. The Bellows for lunch. Then Sister Arny, who by the way, made my families Oreo Cream  Pie! It was great! I still have some in the fridge! I gave her the recipe last Sunday. Then we went to the Bennett's for dinner. And Sister Bennett's daughter-in-law is Sister Ball (from Kernersville)'s daughter! And she was there, so they said hi to Sister Ball for me :)

Friday we started seeing miracles! We met Keith and taught him about the Book of Mormon and have a return appointment to see him and his wife this week. We also got back in touch with the Soyars and taught the Plan of Salvation. Something else needs to click for them and I'm not sure what yet. We're going over to read with them this week. So we'll see.

Sunday we saw a lot more miracles. We decided to contact a lot of formers and part member families. Most of them have return appointments for this week and are interested! It's so amazing to see people's heart soften.

We got back in contact with Bonita! :) and she is still loving everything we teach her. We taught her about the Book of Mormon last night. Although we can't meet with her until the 20th of December. I just pray she will gain a testimony as she reads the Book of Mormon. I love y'all! :) have a great week! :)

- Sister Miriah Loosle -
    John 3:16-17
 He came to save!

P.S. Don't forget to #DiscoverTheGift #EmbraceTheGift and #ShareTheGift :) Find out more on The First Presidency wants to flood the world with the gift of the Savior! :) So I invite everyone who reads this to share the video "He is the Gift" with someone every week until Christmas :) that's only 4  times :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Bible Bashers and Stake Conference

Happy Early Turkey Day!

I hope everyone has big plans for Thanksgiving! I know I do! Which brings in transfers! Duh duh duh! Well I'll be spending Thanksgiving and Christmas in Summerfield Ward! :) Sister Pulley is getting transferred :( but it'll be good. She's grown so much in the last 3 months and now it's her time to shine!

This week we ran into a bunch of people who just wanted to argue with us, or think we don't know Jesus, or believe in the same Christ. Lots of interesting conversations and I am so thankful for the knowledge I have of who God and Christ are. As I've come in contact with so many people I studied more on the subject of it. One thing I did was a personal study in the back of Preach My Gospel chapter 5. Where it says, compare Matthew 5-7 and 3 Nephi 12-14. Find what truths have been restored through the Book of Mormon. One thing I found very interesting in this study is the deity of God and Christ and their unity in purpose, but distinct beings.

For example:

1. Chapters 5 and 12 verses 21-22. God is taken out in the Bible. It's only the judgements. However, we know that they are the judgements of God and He deals them justly.

2. Verse 48 of the same chapter. Now we know that in the Book of Mormon, Christ has been resurrected and is a perfect being now, where in the Bible only Our Father was perfect. However, when speaking of Our Father in the New Testament, the word "who" was changed to "which" making God unpersonable. However, we know He is a glorified person. Not just this being thing, that is everywhere. He literally has a body of flesh and bone. We are made in His image, so He needs an image.

3. The Lords Pray was also a part where the person of God was changed to a "which" (see verse 9 of chapters 6 and 13).

4. Verse 11 of chapters 7 and 14. And also verse 21 of the same chapter.

These are just the examples in 3 chapters of scriptures. There are many others. And how grateful I am for knowledge that God and Christ are one in purpose, but are two different being, or perfect people. Sister Pulley's dad explained it more for us that the Godhead is like a presidency. God is the President, Jesus Christ the first councilor and The Holy Ghost the second councilor. God is presiding over the Plan of Salvation, but Jesus Christ is conducting the plan. Very insightful.

Stake Conference was wonderful! And oh my I saw so many Burlington people! :) it was great! I also got to see Chris! It was great! And I saw the Frei family! And the Coleman's, and the Reese's. Gah! It was great!

The messages were great too. All about setting goals and planning how to achieve them. Making a Family Gospel Plan for 2015. I encourage all to make one! Get together with your family. Set goals for how you can  Proclaim the Gospel, Redeem the Dead, and Perfect the Saints! :)

I love you all!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! :)

- Sister Miriah Loosle -
      John 3:16-17
   He came to save!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Cold weather and Sister Loosle do not mix well!

Good Afternoon!

Last Monday as a District we went to the Greensboro Science Center! It has a Zoo, Aquarium, and Museum. It was fun! (See pictures).

The rest of this week, was normal. Well as normal as missionary work can get.

Sorry this email doesn't have a lot. I don't really know what to write right now.

I loved church yesterday! Bishop talked and he talked about being a Common Judge in Israel. Relief Society was all on prayer. It was very nice, because sometimes the answer is no. No matter how much faith as we have. Alma and his wife did not have more faith or were more righteous than Lehi and his wife. Yet Alma the younger's heart was changed and Lamen and Lemuel's were not. Sometimes we don't always like the outcome, but Heavenly Father knows us. He knows what we can handle. He knows what we need. Something Sibhan actually said this week really explains that concept. You know in 1 Corinthians 10:13 where it says we won't be tempted or tried more than we can bear. Well Sihban said that were tried and tested to the point where we HAVE to turn to God. We have to rely on The Lord. And it's true. We will make  it through everything with His help.
I love you all! :)

Monday, November 10, 2014

Miracles Happen...Just not in the way you always want them too

Good Morning Family and Friends!

This week was wonderful! Lots of little miracles. At dinners we've been doing an Endure to the End dinner thought where we have each member of the family draw out the path to eternal life and things they can do to Endure to the End.

We had FHE with Amy, Grayson, and Gavin. It went well. Gavin hasn't been sitting in our lessons, so he was a bit distracted, but overall it was good. We talked about family scripture study and family prayer.
This week we saw Sibhan a couple times. Sister Ross and her son (who just came home from his mission) came with us to one. We taught part of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Sibhan doesn't like praying out loud, so this has been a struggle for us. However at our appointment with her on Saturday with Sister Bellows, she prayed! :) it was simple, but wonderful!

We've met quit a few Hispanic people the past couple weeks, and as most everyone knows, I don't speak a lick of Spanish!  So it's been interesting. We teach very simple part or all of the Restoration and then spend them to the Spanish Elders! Thank goodness they're in our district! :)

We met Sister Jessup's mom this week. Let me tell you she is stubborn! But so wonderful! She doesn't want to change churches, but we served her, so maybe she's being prepared for the next life.

Church yesterday was all on Missionary Work! It was so good! My favorite was a quote from Sister Marriott that I posted on Facebook.

President Thomas S. Monson pointed out, “If you want to give a light to others, you have to glow yourself.” How can we keep that light of truth glowing within us? Sometimes I feel like a dim lightbulb. How do we grow brighter?" - sister Marriott

We grow brighter by living the gospel each day. A less active we ran into this week, said that she wakes up each days and declares that she will not part from The Lord. And although she doesn't believe the church is true anymore. I know that that small action for each of us will help us not to stray away.

- Sister Miriah Loosle -
      John 3:16-17
   He came to save!

Monday, November 3, 2014

What do you think about during the Sacrament?

Hola Familia Y Amigos!

This week was faaaannnntasitc! On Monday night we knocked on Teresa's door and she let us right in! Although she had to work late on our return appointment, she is the elect! And I am excited to work with her.

Tuesday we stopped by some members to ask them "Who do you know?" And one of the members had a water leak, so they were fixing the pipes outside their house. They had a hole in their front yard that looked like an L, about 2 by 3 by 1 foot wide and 4 feet deep. So we offered to help fill it up! In our skirts! Beat that Elders!  (See Blog Post: Beautiful Sisters serving in NC :)  )

We also saw Sister Stocker on Tuesday night. She is working through a lot of things right now. So were helping her slowly to come back to church. Starting off with setting aside 2-3 hours on Sunday, so Sunday related activities.

We actually did quiet a lot of service this week! Which I love! We helped Sister Koch clean up her house (last week we helped her make Apple Sauce). She reminds me of someone, but I can't put my finger on it. Ah well, it will come someday.

Elder Smith and I are singing "Come unto Christ" for Zone Meeting this week. It'll be good I hope!

The Trunk or Treat was this week. The first Ward activity besides Christmas for about 6 years! Crazy right? But it was pretty good. The light in the church parking lot weren't on, so it was super dark, but it was still fun! Guess what I dressed up as? Come on Guess! .... A Sister Missionary! I'm pretty sure Sister Pulley and I had the scariest costumes there! I mean no one opens the door for us and sometimes they scream "Ah Mormons!" Or slam the door!

Saturday was a great day as well! We met the Castillo's, although there's a bit of a language barrier, so we'll probably send them to the Spanish Elders, but we taught mom and three daughter. As far as we can tell, they accepted the Restoration, but we're not sure how much they understood it.

So to the subject. What do you think about during the sacrament? You don't have to answer out loud, or send me a reply, but think about it. What are you suppose to think about. We had a lesson in Relief Society yesterday about the sacrament and why we partake of it every week and not just on special occasions like other churches do. Mostly, we came up with, is because it's a covenant. And we need it! We need to make this covenant or promise, every week. Or we cannot be cleansed.

Last night Sister Fenton came out with us and we saw the Neese's. They are a sweet old southern couple. They don't come to church much because of health stuff, but they have the strongest testimonies, especially of family history and temple work. Speaking of, what have y'all don't lately with family history and temple work?

- Sister Miriah Loosle -
      John 3:16-17
   He came to save!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Beautiful Sisters serving in NC :)

Email from a family in Summerfield:

We are the Pierce family in the Summerfield Ward and we had spent the whole day fixing a water main break in our yard and your sweet girls jumped into help!  Thanks for sending them our way!
We love them.

The Pierce family

Monday, October 27, 2014

People Come and People Go

We found so many wonderful people, who just disappear! We find them, teach them, get them interested in our message, set up a return appointment. And then they drop off the face of the earth! Never to be seen or heard from again. Well at least up the this point. It can be frustrating, but they just aren't the elect yet. Maybe down the road they will be.

We taught Sibhan again this week. We haven't been able to get in with her the past month or so. But on Wednesday she was so engaged in our lesson. She had questions about the priesthood and prophets vs apostles. It was a very good lesson.

We found out Wednesday that interviews were on Thursday. So along with weekly planning, we had interviews. Which took up the majority of our day, because we also had coordination. But we did have a lesson with Heidi and Sister Peterson came along and now they are best friends! :) Heidi has a lot on her plate, so she doesn't want to meet right now, but hopefully in the near future we can get back in with her. I know the gospel can help her and bless her life.

Oh and we started exchanges on Thursday. It was a crazy day. Exchanges were good. I went to Guilford. They have 4 sisters in one apartment. It's crazy! We taught a lot of people, which is good.

Michelle fed us dinner on Saturday night :) it was really good. She's so nice! And just a super member! Oh and she told us that Brother Bailey (who lives in her building) wrote the music for Mobsters and Mormons! Crazy! He's been out of town for two weeks. I think he might be in Austin actually :P he does something with music and you know Austin is a great place to be! :)

Church was fantastic as always! Probably because we talked about missionary work and went over my favorite talk from April's General Conference. "Your Four Minutes"

- Sister Miriah Loosle -
      John 3:16-17
   He came to save!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Happy Fall Y'all!

Happy Fall Y'all! :)

Fall is here! And it's just as pretty as last year! The leaves are all changing! And Sister Pulley and I have started collecting them... I put them in my journal :) so everyone will be able to see them :) ...  Maybe...

This week was pretty good. We knocked on this one lady's door and she opened the door. Looked at us and said "Ah! Mormons! Sorry! No!" And shut the door. We were a bit confused, but now we laugh about it. We thought it was a bit rude, but to each their own.

Long story, short... I locked the phone and couldn't get in, so Michelle's mom, who's not a member, took us to the sprint store on Thursday morning. She was so nice! And we got it all fixed without loosing anything! :)

Pam is not committing to anything! It's actually really frustrating. She didn't even commit to really read or pray. So we'll probably drop her this week if she doesn't commit.

We started reading the Book of Mormon with Sister Jessup, but starting in Mosiah. Sister Pulley and I started in Alma this time were reading it through, and found it get interesting to look at the different perspective. So we've decided to start in Mosiah with our Less-Actives.

A missionary gave his homecoming talk yesterday in sacrament meeting. It was a great talk! He posed some great questions to think about not just as missionaries, but as people.

  1. Am I the missionary my family expects me to be?
  2. Am I the missionary The Lord expects me to be?
  3. Am I the person The Lord expects me to be?
  4. Am I living up to my potential?

Two members of the stake presidency also spoke. So it was a jam packed sacrament meeting yesterday.

We saw Sister Koch yesterday night and also started reading in Mosiah with her. :)

I sure love all y'all!

- Sister Miriah Loosle -
      John 3:16-17
   He came to save!

Monday, October 13, 2014

What part of Utah are y'all from?

Hello All!

Have y'all seen Meet the Mormons yet?!?

It is a wonderful movie and y'all all need to see it!

Subject explanation! We were tracting on Thursday and this man asked both of us "What part of Utah are y'all from?" Well sir! We actually are not from Utah. Sister Pulley is from Nevada and I'm from Texas. He was a bit surprised that we weren't from Utah. It's always nice to have a companion not from Utah (no offense Utahans) because it breaks the stereotype.

Meet the Mormons came to Greensboro! And although we don't get to see it in theaters, it was still neat to have it in Greensboro. However when we drove past the movie theater on Friday (opening day) it said "Showing Meet the Mormans" .... ..... .... We're not Mormans! Were Mormons! Actually were not even technically Mormons. My name is Sister Miriah Loosle and I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The nickname Mormon comes from the Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ.

Sister Pulley's mom sent me an Elko shirt! :P now I can represent 4 states! :)

Okay, so what you've all been waiting for. Yes transfers are this week. I have the opportunity to .... Continue training Sister Pulley in Summmerfield! We'll see what happens after this, but for now I'm staying. :)

I gave a talk yesterday in Sacrament Meeting about being Spiritually prepared. These are the quotes I used in my talk. They were very inspirational to me, so I thought I'd share!

October 1974 -- "How can one share the blessings that come through visiting the sick? How can one share in the blessings that come from assisting the widow or the fatherless? How can one share a personal testimony? How can one share the blessings of conference attendance? How can one share the lesson of obedience learned in living the principle of tithing? Certainly each must accumulate this kind of oil for himself." - Marvin J. Aston

1972. --"Attendance at sacrament meetings adds oil to our lamps, drop by drop over the years. Fasting, family prayer, home [and visiting] teaching, control of bodily appetites, preaching the gospel, studying the scriptures--each act of dedication and obedience is a drop added to our store. Deeds of kindness, payment of offerings and tithes, chaste thoughts and actions … --these, too, contribute importantly to the oil with which we can at midnight refuel our exhausted lamps." - President Kimball

Talking about how prayer helps us add oil to our lamps ...

October 2014 -- "No doubt most of [us] have [our] evening prayers, but perhaps many of [us] struggle with the habit of personal morning prayer. ... Which parent in Book of Mormon times would have let their sons march out to the front of battle without a breastplate and shield and sword to protect them against the potentially mortal blows of the enemy? But how many of us let our [selves and our families] march out the front door each morning to the most dangerous of all battlefields, to face Satan and his myriad of temptations, without their spiritual breastplate and shield and sword that come from the protective power of prayer?" - Tad R. Calister

Talking about how family home evening adds oil to our lamps ...

October 2002 -- "If there was a need 87 years ago, that need is certainly much greater today." - Gordon B. Hinckley (talking about family home evening! Can you believe the revelation for FHE was given 99 years ago!)

Follow the council of the leaders of the church. Accept callings to serve. ...

October 2005 -- "My counsel to the members of the Church is to support the President of the Church, the First Presidency, Quorum of the Twelve, and other General Authorities with our whole hearts and souls. If we do, we will be in a safe harbor.... We also need to support and sustain our local leaders, because they also have been “called and chosen.” Every member of this Church may receive counsel from a bishop or a branch president, a stake or a mission president, and the President of the Church and his associates. None of these brethren asked for his calling. None is perfect. Yet they are the servants of the Lord, called by Him through those entitled to inspiration. Those called, sustained, and set apart are entitled to our sustaining support." - James E. Faust

Following the council ...

April 2000 -- "We--the First Presidency and the Council of the Twelve--have taken the position, ... that “the Church discourages tattoos. It also discourages the piercing of the body for other than medical purposes, although it takes no position on the minimal piercing of the ears by women for one pair of earrings.” - President Hinckley

October 2002 -- "Begin in a small way, ... and gradually build toward a reasonable objective. Save a little money regularly, and you will be surprised how it accumulates. Get out of debt and rid yourself of the terrible bondage that debt brings." - President Hinckley

October 2005 -- "However much faith to obey God we now have, we will need to strengthen it continually and keep it refreshed constantly." - Henry B. Eyring

I used some stories from my life and the lives of my parents. Including when my parents had earrings (mom multiple and dad one) and how when President Hinckley said no more, it really was no more. And about my dad getting laid off and how living the Law of Tithing and getting out of debt has helped them and me.

I am grateful for the council of living prophets and apostles. We are so blessed to live in this time.

- Sister Miriah Loosle -
      John 3:16-17
   He came to save!

Monday, October 6, 2014

It's October! Go watch Meet the Mormons!

Hello Everyone!

This week Sherry found us! She's a less-active. We were in an apartment complex and she came up to us and gave us water. She told us she hasn't been to church for a few years, but was thinking about going back. We invited her to conference, but she didn't come :(

Thursday... I was sick :( it was no fun. I got a blessing and stayed in most of the day, except for coordination that night.

We had exchanges this week, which were good. I learned a lot and we got to teach Pam. We found her earlier this week just knocking. She liked the Restoration and is allowing us to come back, so we'll see how it goes.

Friday we had Zone Meeting/Watch Meet the Mormon!

Soooo... Meet the Mormons is a documentary commissioned by the First Presidency. It goes through 6 Mormons lives and how their faith helps them. It doesn't teach doctrine, but it is so good! :) it will be in select theaters on October 10, 2014. Is it near you? Find out and request it at :)

Wasn't conference Amazing?? Who was your favorite talk? I loved Elder.... I forgot his name, who spoke in Portuguese. I got many answers to my questions!

I love y'all! :)

- Sister Miriah Loosle -
      John 3:16-17
   He came to save!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Cold, Training, Baptism, and Women's Conference

This week got cold, but thank goodness we had the car! :)

 the Elders biked all the way to our side of the area on
Saturday (just to prove a point...) (and the competitive side of me is
coming out!)
On Tuesday we headed down to Charlotte for our trainer/trainee meeting. It was really good. There have been lots of meetings this month! But they are so wonderful! They really boost your spirits as missionaries.

After district meeting on Wednesday, our district went to Chick-Fil-A and I bought everyone something :) I know I'm so nice :P no I really have Eileen to thank for the gift card! I didn't want to use it all on myself, so I shared :) it was great! Our district is small, just us, our elders in Summerfield, and the Spanish Elders. This month we've been learning and talking all about the Book of Mormon and how it's the key to conversion!

Michelle's interview was on Thursday! It took over an hour! We were starting to get worried sitting outside with her kids and Elder Judd. But it was all good! :)

Michelle's baptism
Saturday was just the BEST DAY EVER!!!! Michelle's baptism was in the morning (see picture). And *drum roll* I sang a solo musical number during it. Sister Pulley played the piano. We preformed "Come unto Christ" the 2014 mutual theme. Everyone said it was really good. (Maybe you'll see it on Facebook in the coming week). The service itself was very nice. Members were involved and a good audience attended.

Then of course the Women's Conference was Saturday night! :) I loved Sister Marriott's talk and President Uchtdorf's talk. Sister Marriott's maybe because she's has the cutest southern accent! Don't be surprised if that's what I come home sounding like! :) and remember you are always a child of God. No matter what. It doesn't change! :)

Michelle's confirmation on Sunday was also so wonderful! The spirit was just resonating! And fast and testimony meeting was great afterward.

I love you all! And can't wait for conference this weekend! Let me know who was your favorite speaker next week! :)

P.S. Make sure Meet the Mormons comes to your area! And go and watch it! As missionaries we will get to see it :) the only movie I'll get to see on my mission!

- Sister Miriah Loosle -

what Sister Pulley and I did this morning! Gah! :o!
Cut my bangs!

what Sister Pulley and I did this morning! Gah! :o!
Cut my bangs!
  John 3:16-17
He came to save!

Monday, September 22, 2014

15 miles of Biking

Dear Everyone :)

Michelle is doing great! She's getting baptized on Saturday! We're excited for her. She has been prepared to hear the gospel and we are privileged to work with her. Her kids came to church with her yesterday and they enjoyed it very much!

We had a fantastic Zone Conference this week. All about how to be better planners.

Yesterday was the Primary program. It's weird thinking none of my brothers are in that this year. It was so cute!

We're still working with Sibhan, she hasn't prayed for us yet, so hopefully we'll figure out why this week and get that all worked out so she can progress.

We biked 15+ Miles on Saturday. It was fun! And not too hot. It's cooling down here, which is nice :)

Love y'all!

- Sister Miriah Loosle -
      John 3:16-17
   He came to save!

Friday, September 19, 2014

The Book of Mormon is the Key!

This week has just been fantastic family!

I'm just start at the beginning!

Monday -- we taught Michelle the Word of Wisdom. It actually went really well. She committed to live it. And only had a small hurdle to get over, which we got over by Wednesday! :) it is so exciting to see her change and see how the gospel is blessing her life. Even if she doesn't see it right now, I know that her divorce (which she's been trying to finalize for over a year) is finally going through because she is doing the things God has asked her to do.

Tuesday -- we met this cute family, Bontia (mom) and Bri (daughter) and 3 other kids, but we didn't really meet them. The dad is out of town til December. But as we were teaching the restoration, all Bontia could say was wow! And how it just makes sense that there would be a prophet on the earth again. If God always spoke through prophets, why not have one now?

We taught Jenny too, but she not really committing to a return appointment. So we'll see when're it goes with her.

Wednesday -- The Book of Mormon is true! And is the Key to everything! We had a wonderful mission conference with Elder Larry Y. Wilson of the seventy. It literally lasted all day. From 9am to 6 PM. But it was so good! I just can't explain what went on. We mostly talked about how to use the Book of Mormon better. And how we really do need to read WITH our investigators, not just to them. Also (best practice for missionaries and pre-missionaries) we went through the first chapter of Nephi and paralleled it with the Restoration. It was so good! And it's a great follow up lesson to do. (If you want more details on how to, just let me know!).

Another part I really liked was when Sister Wilson talked about how God created us to do His work here on earth. When we are converted to the gospel and are saved from death and sin by the grace of Christ, we are now His workers. We are His hands and fret to do His work on the  earth. That is why people mis-interpret our church for believe so much in works. We do believe in works, because God isn't here to help everyone on earth, but we are!

Then after the meeting, the sisters had a meeting :) we all bore our testimonies on something we've learned from our missions thus far. -- The thing I've learned most from my mission is that God trusts me. If He didn't I wouldn't be here. In the MTC one of my teachers invited all of us to asked God if He trusted us as His servant and workers in the Harvest of Souls. I remember after I prayed, I felt this wonderful feeling of peace. I know that God trusts me. He trusts every missionary and member to help Him in this work.

I got to see all of my old companions in the past two weeks. It's kind of weird, but good. I learned that Sister Lunceford and her family went to church! :)

Thursday -- We taught Sibhan (Shi-vaughn) the Restoration. It went well. We went back the next day applied what we had just learned in the mission conference about the Book of Mormon. We are dinner with the Mitchell's and you know, after being in their Ward for 7 1/2 months, they didn't know I lived in Guam!! Or that I had 4 brothers. Or they just didn't remember :P

Friday --We taught Michelle the Law of Chasity, which actually went really well. It was awkward at all. Although we did have a Young Woman with us. But apparently every time she went out with the sisters, she's taught the Law of Chasity. Maybe she needs to learn something? No, she's a super sweet girl! :)

Saturday -- We met Lou. She was taught by the sisters before I came to Summerfield. And stopped us. We taught the Plan of Salvation, which was really good for her. She's lost a lot of people lately. And it answered a lot of her questions.

Sunday -- Just amazing! Sister Rorrer spoke in sacrament meeting! She talked about her conversion story. It was a great talk. Michelle was sick :( but she read all of 1 Nephi on Sunday while she was home!

I love you lots! And all of y'all are in my prayers! Thank you for all your prayers. They really do help!

Love y'all!

- Sister Miriah Loosle -
      John 3:16-17
   He came to save!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Training and Umbrella's

Hello hello from raining North Carolina!

So funny story this week.... I broke my second umbrella on my mission. Yay! :P my companion and I were walking along in the rain and all of the sudden the top of my umbrella came off and fell to the ground. It was kind of really sad :( but I'm over it! And i got a new one, that is more colorful!

My new companion is Sister Pulley. She's from Elko, Nevada. And just like Sister Morris she is the oldest of 6 and has one brother. She is a great worker!

At transfers I got to see all my old companions except Sister Mouritsen. It was very interesting because I haven't seen Sister Perez in 7+ months and Sister Banks went home! It was really weird seeing your trainer go home. But it's good, I can't let it distract me.

We taught Michelle twice this week and she accepted a baptismal date! She also came to church yesterday and it was just amazing! Especially because it was fast Sunday, and sometimes you're a lot a bit worried about those Sundays. But she had a great time. We'll be teaching her the Word of Wisdom today, so pray for us!

One of the testimonies that stood out to me was from Brother Murchisen. He talked about how he was talking to his kids about staying away from the line (so they wouldn't hit the car on their bikes) and likened it to life. I was thinking to myself, are there any lines I'm getting to close to? Is there any gray areas I need to make clearer?

It is a great way to evaluate where we are each at with different commandments and covenants we've made.

I love y'all!

- Sister Miriah Loosle -
      John 3:16-17
   He came to save!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Bike accidents, transfers, and no teachers

Gah! It's September! :)

This week was so great! We had our last District Meeting of the transfer. I really can't believe the transfer is over already, I feel like I just got to Summerfield and became companions with Sister Morris, and now tomorrow were heading to Charlotte again. Sister Morris is getting transferred :(

So I really just have to go through all of Saturday, because that was our craziest day! So we started off normally, exercise, studies. We did some Facebook, and answered Michelle's questions through email. She sent us an email of 20+ questions about the church, everything from how we view divorce, to education, to baptism requirements, to the three heavens. But we did the best we could to answer her questions and also explain that we can explain these better in person. Then we headed over to Sister Jessup's on our bikes. It's always a nice ride. When we turn down her street (a dirt rode), Sister Morris said the phone started ringing. We thought it was Sister Jessup asking if we wanted a ride, so we just waited til we got to her house at the end of the rode. Turns out ... We missed a call from the Assistances. My stomach dropped! So I called them back, and they were calling in behalf of President Craven, to call me as a trainer. :) :/

We had a great lesson with Sister Jessup! And then went home for lunch. Then went out to find more people to teach. Well a few hours and a couple hundred doors later! we start heading home for dinner. I'm in front and we get to a big hill, first down, then up. I speed down the hill, trying to get as much momentum as possible, checking behind me every couple of minutes for Sister Morris. And start climbing the hill. Mind you this is a curvey road. I make it to the top at the stop light and wait for Sister Morris. She usually walks her bike up hills, so I wait. And wait. And wait. Finally I'm like, it's been to long, something's not right. So I turn around and start peddling back down the hill. As I turn I corner, I see her walking her bike. I breath I sigh of relief. Everything's okay. As I come closer, she's holding her bike weird. I ask, "Is everything okay." And she says, "Yeah, I just fell off my bike." Okay, no big deal. I get over to her, and get off my bike to start walking it up the hill, and I see her elbow, pinky, and other palm are bleeding. "Yeah you fell off, what happened?" So she began to tell me how she had felt crowded by a car of the road and unintentionally swerved out of the way. Well in North Carolina they don't have bike lanes, or shoulders, so it the street goes straight into the grass. She says she remembers biking on the grass for a bit, and the next thing she knew, she was in the middle of the street with her bike on top of her. Meanwhile I'm at the top of the hill waiting for her! She got up and a few nice people stopped and asked if they could help, all makes of course, so she declined. The walk home was just over a mile, but we made it. Safe. I started trying to clean the wounds, but I just couldn't. So I called the Elders, who didn't answer. And then Brother Ross who's a doctor. Him and Brother Miles came over, fixed her up, gave her a blessing, fixed her bent water bottle holder and put her chain back on. So everything worked out. She can't write or play the piano right now :( but it'll get healed :)

Then! Sister Morris insisted that we go to our appointment with Amy and Grayson. Even though she had almost passed out when I was cleaning the wounds. Sister Ross and Sister Lindsay said she should stay home and rest, but she insisted, so we went. It was a good lesson. :)

Sunday was sad, because everyone was crying. But that's how it always is when a missionary leave their first area. Or any area for that matter.

In Sunday school we didn't have a teacher, because Sister Wall got released last week and they haven't called a new one yet. :/ so we just had a discussion about Sacrifice. It was pretty good.

I love you all! :)

- Sister Miriah Loosle -
      John 3:16-17
   He came to save!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Wow! What a Week!

Dear Family, Friends, and Random people that read this! 

This week has been quit a week. First off we were on our bikes and it was HOT! But apparently the high did not get over 90 this week. However when you add 90+% humidity to the mix, it sums up to a very hot and humid day. See in Utah or Texas when it's hot and you sweat the sweat evaporates and cools you down. However in North Carolina, that is not the case. I feel bad for the people I talk to because I am covered! Head to toe in sweat! It's kind of gross, but that's okay! I'm sharing what I love, and they can still feel the spirit through my words. But really I will never complain about it being too hot in Texas or Utah again. 

We had interviews this week. They were amazing! I really felt nervous about them, I don't really know why. But I had a good experience. President Craven is the best. I really do have a testimony that each mission president is assigned to a certain mission and the missionaries need him and his wife. 

We met a lot of wonderful people this week, and have return appoints for this coming week, so I'm excited! Although tracting is not going well, we had a great experience with a member this week. She invited her friend Heather to lunch with us and we were able to answer her questions about the church. Heather has a lot of member friends, so a bunch of people were asking about her on Sunday. It was great! :) 

This week seemed to go by so fast! I can't believe next week is September! Seriously where has this year gone too? 

Sister Loosle 

P.S. Alma 7:22-23 if you haven't seen my status. :) 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Hastening of the Work!

Good Afternoon Everyone!

We had an amazing week! Exchanges with the Guilford Sisters on Tuesday. Where we saw miracles! I stayed in Summerfield with Sister Lewis. We found a lost sheep, Carla, who actually lives in Kernersville, but was nannying here in Summerfield. We also met Kiara, who asked us some very interesting questions. She asked if we were to die right now and God asked us, "Why should I let you into Heaven?" What would our answers be? And also how confident that that answer would get us into Heaven.

Well over the last couple of weeks, we've had a couple people asks us similar questions about dying and standing before God. How grateful am I for the knowledge I have of the plan of salvation and the atonement. Something I've been learning about in my studies is Grace. It is seriously the best thing ever and it's not talked about that much in the church. Which is why people think we don't believe in grace. But we do! Grace is the only thing that will help us. I love it!

We met with Sister Wagner this week. She's been less-active for a year or so. And she just found out her sister has cancer again. It was really sad, but we were able to teach her about the Plan of Salvation, especially the spirit world and resurrection.

Church yesterday was fantastic! For Sunday School we didn't have any investigators or recent converts, so all us missionaries attended the new "Hastening of the Work" class. It's a two part class that the Ward mission Leader put on. As missionaries we put together the curriculum. It was really good. And Brother Lindsay used quotes and things from "The Power of an Everyday Missionary" by Elder Christensen.

Last night we taught Gail and Helena. They were super nice and at least open to learn more. So we'll see where they go :)

Love y'all!

- Sister Miriah Loosle -
      John 3:16-17
   He came to save!

Sister Morris and I pushing Sister Jessup's car! Yes we got it like 15 feet!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Miracles, Mitchell's, and Rainy Days

Happy Monday! :) 

So much happened! To start off Jullien (the man we found at Walmart last Monday) came to church! :) he said he liked it and had a great time. We transferred him over to the Elders because he's a single man. But he is golden! I'm excited to see him progress and I know the Elders can help him more than we can. 

We also met Caroline and Paige this week. Caroline grew up atheist but wants to know more about Jesus Christ. We just gave her a card when we saw her outside and a few minutes later she texted us and wanted to know more. So we taught her in the park. 

Paige, we knocked on her door. She didn't grow up going to church, but through a boyfriend she started going to church. She has a great desire to know truth and to find it. We taught her the restoration and gave her a Book of Mormon. She's going to college right now and living at home. 

The Mitchell's are back! Okay so not really. Back story:

In Burlington there was this amazing couple, The Mitchell's who would have us over for dinner at least twice a month and were Chris' fellowshippers. Well 2 weeks before I got transferred to Summerfield, they moved here! So we're in the same ward again!!! :) We had dinner with them and we were just laughing and remembering all the good times in Burlington. It's weird because I might die here in Summerfield, so I'll have started and ended my mission with them. Heavenly Father really wants us to be friends! 

It's been rainy almost all week and we've been on bikes :P But we lived! :) 

Amy and Grayson's baptism! With my new companion Sister Morris

Sister Morris and I made desks :)  

Love y'all!
-Sister Loosle 

Monday, August 4, 2014

Happy Birthday Sam/Miracle Week

Hello y'all!

Happy Birthday Sam! I can't believe your 17, gah!

Anyway this week was full of miracles! I'll start with today. We went to Wally World for shopping and while walking up to the doors (mind you all 6 sisters are there) a man on his bike stops us and asks us what are badges are for! So we all talked to him about the church and the Book of Mormon. He lives in our area so were going back to teach him on Wednesday.

We were able to see Sister Abdelhaq and her daughter Yasmin yesterday. Her daughter wants to join the church (she's 12), but her dad won't let her. She went To girls camp last week and goes to all the yw activities. Sister Abdelhaq is coming back to church :) but her work schedule won't let her anymore because we changed times from 8:30am to 1:30pm.

We also met Connie this week. She wasn't even suppose to be home when we knocked on her door, but she had left her laptop at home so she came back for it. We taught her the Restoration and it was great! She works a lot though, so it's hard to see her again.

I'm still getting to know Summerfield, but it's going well. I love y'all! Have a great week! :)

- Sister Loosle -
  2 Nephi 2:28
Look to the Mediator!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Bug Bites, Miracles, and Transfers

So much to talk about and so little time.

First the miracle and the bug bites. Last Monday, I was emailing Jaqui (my old roommate) about how I had been trying to take Vitamin B pills because it's said that it'll help you not get bitten. I said they worked and then Monday night I got 20+ bites! (On the anniversary of getting my 70+ bites last year, irony?) But they were worth it because we were teaching John, who just moved back to Kernersville to be closer to family and is looking for a church. :) it was a great lesson!

Another miracle that happened this week was as follows:

Sister Mourtisen and I decided to draw the Plan of Salvation on one of the park sidewalks in town. You always hope it'll go better than it does. We talked with one man, but he wasn't interested. We had another appointment we needed to get to so we start walking back to our car (about 2 blocks away). As we're walking to the stop light to cross the street we hear someone yell, "HEY!" But we ignore it. We cross the street and on the other side a woman waves her arms trying to get out attention. She tries to ask us a question, but we can't hear her with the traffic. So she runs across the street and asks, as she's out of breathe, "Are you LDS?" We hesitantly say "yes". She then proceeds to tells us that she went to church in DC, and once or twice here, but here wasn't so welcoming. She also says that she's never seen Sisters in Kernersville. And asks when we can meet, so we set up a time for the next day. At this point we think she's a less active that was lost, but now is found! But as we met the next day, she never got baptized. Her name is Meg and she really has a testimony of the gospel. She knows it's true. I've never seen a non-member with such a strong conviction of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. She also told us that earlier in the week she had had a dream about reading the Book of Mormon in Jacob and when we saw us walking she couldn't ignore the spirit telling her to catch us. It wad the best miracle I've ever seen on my mission! It's what every missionary hopes for! :)

And now for transfers -- yes I am getting transferred. I don't know where I'll found out tomorrow, so I'll tell y'all next week. But Kernersville has been fun. I'm going to miss it. But wherever I go, I'm needed. The gospel is true wherever you are! :)

- Sister Loosle -
  2 Nephi 2:28
Look to the Mediator!

Monday, July 14, 2014

The Gospel, Exchanges, and Free Slurpies!

Hello Hello!

This week has been good, nothing to exciting though. I finally got my bike back on Thursday, which didn't help much because we got the car on Wednesday, but it's nice to have my bike!

In District Meeting we talked about how different things can relate to the gospel. Like mailboxes, grass, a chair, etc. It was really fun! Everyone should try it. You have to figure out how the thing (a bike, a sticky note, etc.) relates to the gospel. And then send me your answers so I can see :)

Sister Wood's birthday was this week, so we celebrated with Lemon Bars at District Meeting! They were super good. We also got a Watermelon Cookout shake. If you are ever in a place where's there's a Cookout, you have to try their shakes! They are so good! The watermelon one is interesting though :P

We went on exchanges this week, I stayed in Kernersville with Sister Nelson. All our appointments fell through, but we got to see some less actives I've never met.

As you can tell from my Facebook post yesterday we talked about the Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood. It was a really good lesson. And if you don't understand it, I suggest you read it and study it. It's so simple, but so very needed for salvation!

We also talked about The Lord's Law of Health in Sunday school. I remember last year when we got to that lesson. It was not as good as this time. I remember it was the first Sunday I had an investigator at church and we hadn't taught her the Word of Wisdom yet! Also the Elders had 3 investigators who they had not taught the Word of Wisdom yet either! It was...yeah... You can only imagine!

Love y'all!

- Sister Loosle -
  2 Nephi 2:28
Look to the Mediator!