Monday, December 22, 2014

The Shaking Jar of Life

Dear Friends, Family, Elders, Sisters, Wonderful People, Everyone!

Isn't it such a fantastic time of year? I absolutely love it here! So on Saturday we got our first "Snow fall" of the season. I just have to laugh because it didn't even stick! But it was very pretty :).

After writing this whole email I decided I needed to change the order, so I'm putting the sad stuff first, then everything happy! :)

So sad news, On Saturday we went to Bonita's lesson. And no kidding, in 17 months and 24 days this had never happened to me. I had only heard of it happening. We got up to the door and there's a grocery bag on the handle, with a note and the pass-a-long card we had given her. Well I read the note. Let me tell you I was not happy. I was actually so frustrated. I felt like people were hypocrites and immature. Being all nice, but then not telling us face to face that they don't want to meet. Well I got over it. What else can you do? And as we were walking around. Mind you it's literally freezing, and we're biking. I felt prompted to knock on a particular door. Scotty answered the door. And although he was not interested, he offered us Hot Chocolate for the road :) The tender mercies of the Lord are great!

So much happened this week! We celebrated Santa Lusia with the Anderson's (it's suppose to be on the 13th, but that was the Ward Christmas Party. So they had it on Monday night with us. It was fun! Some of their non-member friends were there.  It's a Swedish tradition and I want to do it in my future family :)

We saw Lourdes again. She's opening up more. And she let us into her house. We shared He is the Gift with her. She said we could come back after the 1st :).

We taught a Hindu family this week. That was an interesting experience. Haven't done that before. It's different because most people we teach at least believe in Jesus Christ. So we had to teach very simply. And we're going back in January.

We had Tri-Zone Conference this week! Super fun! I got to see Sister Morris, Sister Reading, and Sister Wood! We played Jeopardy like last year. It was so fun! My group would have won if we played the entire game, but we didn't have time :P.

In Zone Conference President talked about the Shaking Jar of Life. It's a jar full of black beans and a few Walnut. Well that's life for ya. When you shake it the little beans go to the bottom and the walnuts to the top. Some people are like the little beans, always thinking, "if I had *insert something here*, I'd be able to be on top." But they never change their attitude, so they stay small. However, unlike the bean, we as people can grow bigger, so we can be on top. It's all about our attitude and perspective. :)

So great news! Amy's mom got baptized this weekend!! She's in the High Point Stake, but we heard about it from Amy and the sisters there. It is so fantastic! :) She was so skeptical when Amy first started learning back in June. And now she's a member too! :) Multigenerational families firmly rooted in the gospel, (going to be) sealed in the temple!

The Christmas Program yesterday was great! :) in Relief Society we talked about the Role of LDS Women. If you didn't see my Facebook, here is a more accurate quote from one of the sisters: "The calling of motherhood is a divine calling that we received before we came to earth and extends far beyond that of having children."

- Sister Miriah Loosle -
      John 3:16-17
   He came to save!

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