Monday, February 24, 2014


My last district!

Sister Idol's baptism! :) 

The actual snow! It snowed like 10 inches! This was in the middle of the snow storm when we tried to go and find people! :P 

The Switch-A-Roo!

Well to start off I am in a different apartment! So...Story Time! :) 

Okay not really, our apartment was not in a nice part of town. Somethings happened (not to us) that just made us uncomfortable. So on Thursday when we had interviews with President Craven, he told us that we were switching apartments with the Elders and then when the lease is up, no more missionaries in that area. So my new new address is: 

Kernersville, NC 27284

So much has happened this week! It's so great! :) So We had a baptism:) :) :) Sister Idol! (pictures are included this week!) She is Sister McNeill's cousin! And this coming Saturday Brother McNeill is getting baptized! Sister McNeill has been a member for almost 50 years! So Brother McNeill has been around it forever, but just wasn't ready. I am so grateful I am here in Kernersville at this time! 

Tonya, the Jehovah's Witness, doesn't want to talk about the Book of Mormon, but still wants to meet. So I'm thinking once a week or maybe every other week for now. She is so nice (which surprised me). So we're going to teach the Plan of Salvation this week without using the Book of Mormon... pray for us... and we'll tell you how it goes next week! 

Mom and Dad - Please let Losa and Rebecca (Brady) know I got their letters and will be sending replies when I get some time! :) Thanks! 

We saw Ella and the Youngs on Friday. Ella is this cute little 10 year old girl, who's mom and siblings are members, but less-active, and her dad is not a member. But she wants to get baptized so badly. We just want her to have the family support so we're working with her mom. :) 

Saturday was Sister Idol's baptism. It was so amazing! Sister (Denise) Morris gave a musical number. (I think she has some stuff on youtube or iTunes you could look up). She is AMAZING! Brother Fox, our ward mission leader, performed the baptism. (BTW - who's the ward mission leader in SV?) It was his first :) He served a mission in Germany, but wasn't able to see someone get baptized. It was so special! 

Then we saw Sister Forline's (the sister we found on Valentines day) and her granddaughter, Kaitlyn. And they both came to church! Kaitlyn is 8, so we're hoping to teach her and her parents, but we'll see:) 

Oh Goodness! I love confirmations! But let me tell you, if something doesn't go wrong at the baptism, you still have the confirmation! Sister Idol wanted President Baughan (the Stake President) to confirm her, but he had a meeting with President Craven down in Charlotte. Then she wanted Brother Findell, our gospel principals teacher, but he was out of town! So she got her third choice of Elder Peterson (our District Leader) she met him on Monday when she had her interview, and just fell in love with him! :P 

In Relief Society we talked about Elder Neilsen's talk, "Hastening the Lord's Game Plan". So wonderful! And a great lead into our Member MTC that's coming up! :) 

So today, we shopped, cleaned, and moved! It was good! We're only about 2 miles away from our old place, but it's such a nicer area! But once again, I'm living in an apartment that Elder's used to live in... No offense to Elders or anything, but you know! :P I still love all my Elder friends on missions :) 

Well I hope all of you are doing wonderfully! And don't forget to study on Hope this week! :) 
For Faith this week I learned a lot, but in one sentence, Everything we do is by Faith. I love it! 
I'd love to hear about how you are applying faith and hope in your lives. 

Sister Loosle 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Snow, Stuck, Slip, Slush,

Dear Family and Friends,

This week well let me tell you. It snowed so much! So much that we were stuck inside for 2 days because the ice on the roads were terrible! It was so hard to go out working those days because no one answers their doors and everyone goes into this panic mode, worse than when it snows in Austin. It started snowing Monday, just a little bit, and really hit Wednesday during the day. It started about 1:30 on Wednesday and didn't stop snowing until Thursday night. It snowed 10 inches which is insane for North Carolina! Needless to say we were told by President craven to be careful and not drive. So we walked a couple of places, but when it snows no one even touches their doors because they are scared of the snow! But the past couple of days as the snow melts, it freezes during the night, so it's all ice. Well I've slipped and fell more times this week than I did the entire winter I was in Utah. Which let me say is really sad. But I'll deal. 

I've learned something from my falls through. I'll share:

  • The first time, Sister Reading and I were walking home and I saw her slip, but not fall, I told her "Be careful! It's icey!" And not 5 seconds later, I slip and am on my hands and knees.
  • Time two, we just got home last night from a meeting, it's 9PM, dark, and cold. I look out and say, "Sister Reading be careful! It's slippery!" Again 5 seconds later, I slip and fall! This time scrapping my hand and knee. Not fun!

Well what I learned!

  1. Don't tell other people to be careful if you're not going to watch it yourself.
  2. When you fall, you can always get back up again. 
  3. Bandages are like the atonement, it doesn't take away the initial shock and hurt, but it heals you and helps you feel better.
  4. It's really hard to kneel now, which is quite difficult for a missionary as we are kneeling for prayers about 20 to 30 percent of the day. But I'm a tough one (okay I really couldn't say that with a straight face and couldn't write it without laughing!)

So highlights this week:

Edna is getting baptized this Saturday and her interview is today! I am so excited for her! And although I have not gotten to work with her the entire time I am still so excited to see her make this step of faith to be baptized by the Priesthood Authority. She just finished her interview! We are so excited for her to make this step!

Speaking of faith, something I've realized as I've been out on my mission is everything comes down to faith. In Preach My Gospel I don't know how many times it say that "(blank) is an act of faith." Or something along those lines. Everything we do in this life is an act of faith. Faith is the basis of everything we do in the church. And
faith is the action we take based on our belief.

Something that President and Sister Craven have asked us to do is study a Christ-Like Attribute every week until Easter. Starting this week with Faith. I invite each of you to do the same. And tell me about your studies. Not only are we to study each of them, but also apply them to our lives to "Become more Christ-Like for Easter!" I think this is a wonderfully thing. And it will really bring each of you closer to Christ. (Attached is the letter and schedule President and Sister Craven sent us missionaries). This week we are studying on faith.

My birthday was great! Thank you to everyone who made it special! :) my district played basketball and volleyball! Which is always fun!

Happy Belated Valentines to everyone! I can't believe February is half over!

We met Sister Forlines on Valentines Day! She was "less-active" because she didn't know where the church building was! And we couldn't find her because her apartment address was weird, but we finally found it! And perfect timing as well!

Yesterday in Gospel Principals class we talked about the life of Jesus Christ, specifically the atonement. Something that I came to realize a few weeks ago while watching "Finding Faith in Christ" or one of the other videos about His life, I can't remember which one it was specifically. But the thing I realized as I watched Christ go through Gethsemane and on the Cross, was that through it all, He had the power, as did Heavenly Father, to stop it at anytime. He had the agency to quit. He didn't have to finish it, but He did, because He loves us. Because He loves me. As I've been out on my mission, the atonement has become more than just something I use when I make mistakes, but also when I need help feeling less homesick, alone, or discouraged. Elder Peterson (District Leader) shared with the district a quote from one of the past Relief Society Presidency, about the atonement. How Christ knows how I feel when I'm away from home. He knows how I feel when an investigator drops me. He knows how I hurt when one of my investigators turns and believes the anti material. He knows how I feel when one of my investigators enters the waters of baptism. He just doesn't know how it feels, but how I feel.

Love y'all!

- Sister Loosle

P.S. I'll send pics of the snow next week when I can get on the computers!

Monday, February 10, 2014

New Area, New Companion, New Everything!!!!

I know you are all dying to hear where I am, who's my new companion, etc etc. Well the wait is over! I am now in Kernersville, North Carolina! It's about 45 mins West of Burlington. I am in the High Point Stake. And my companion is Sister Reading! She is so great!

Well back on my last day in Burlington, my district went to Red Robin for lunch and then I packed like a crazy woman! I don't like packing and always leave it for last minute. But I got everything packed and
to Kernersville!

Tuesday morning Sister Moore took Sister Perez and I to Cracker Barrel for breakfast and then drove us down to Charlotte.

We met this wonderful girl named Leighann, who's 13. She went to mutual last week, but wasn't able to come to church. Her mom says that she can take the lesson, we tried to teach her, but she's not interested. Ah well maybe someday.

I got to meet Edna who is getting baptized on Feburary 22nd! And her cousin-in-law, Wanye, is getting baptized on March 1stt! They are both so great and I'm so glad I got to met them.

So much happened this week, but it went by so fast I couldn't even tell you what happened!

Happy Birthday Brandon!! And congrats on getting the Priesthood! That is so neat that Jason got to ordain him!

Church was good, I was asked to bare my testimony. I think it went well!

The missionaries in Kernersville and Colfax (in our district) are planning a member MTC. It sounds fun, but we'll see how it turns out!

Love you all!!

Sorry this is so short! I have lots of emails to reply too!

- Sister Loosle's iPad

Monday, February 3, 2014


 Gross! Snow! :P

 Austin St.

 Brother Keel and I with his tie cut off! 

My District! 

The Frei Family, minus Brother Frei

The Mitchell's 


Soooo.... I bet you're all wondering what is happening here in Burlington. Well I've been here for 7 1/2 months. My entire mission thus far. And... Well... I am getting transferred :( I knew it was coming because 7 months is a long time! 5 transfers in one area. Although President Craven likes to keep missionaries in areas for quite a while, being in your first area for 7 months is unusual. But I know wherever I go, it's where I need to be. 

On that note, until next Monday, send letters and packages to the mission home:
Sister Miriah Loosle 
3020 Hilliard Dr. 
Charlotte, North Carolina 28205

So last Monday I did it - I cut my hair - I know I told everyone I wasn't going to, but it was looking weird because of the way it was growing out. And we had gotten free hair cuts from a members daughter (who's less-active). FUNNY STORY! - When I went in she asked what I wanted done, and I said, "I don't know, just like a trim to get the dead ends off, something like that, I don't know what I want" So she made some suggestions and said "Well lets cut some off the back here because as it grows out you might look like you have a MULLET!" (because it was a pixi-cut). Okay so she didn't scream mullet, but I had to infuses that! Anyway! Needless to say - I do not have a mullet :P 

Well it snowed again on Tuesday night. For how much people go crazy over it, it's snowed a lot! But it was pretty on Wednesday morning, but then by Wednesday afternoon I was sick of it! :P At District meeting I gave WhiteHand Book Training on pages 1-4. Talking about our Purpose as missionaries. It was really good. It was sad because that was our last district meeting. But it'll be good! 

Thursday Chris went to institute so we got to too!!! :) I miss institute so much! It was so good! The teacher, Brother Tucker, reminds me of Brother Hacking when I was in his seminary class. We talked about Alma 43-51. It was really interesting and eye-opening to see different opinions on it. 

Friday was good and bad. We helped a less-active move which was fun! And had coordination and went to Chick-Fil-A with Sister Sinclair. When we went to Coordination we parked in front of Brother Simpson's neighbors house, on the street. When we got out there was a truck no more than 6 inches behind the car and a car no more than 6 inches in front of the car, with a note on our car window saying, "Gone to lunch, be back Tuesday". Brother Frei (the ward mission leader) said that he could help us get out without touching the cars on either side. So I got in, worried because I didn't want to hit the cars, but trusting him. Then the neighbor comes out and starts yelling at us to "not move that car!" Well I'm glad I was in the car when all of this was happening because I probably would have started yelling back. But Sister Perez handled it very well and just talked with him. Well about 5 or 7 mins after he started yelling at us, he says, "It was all a joke! I'll move my car." Needless to say our night did not end on a happy note. But I am grateful for Brother Frei who was talking with him as well. I'm also glad I didn't have to get out of the two cars. 

On Saturday we saw Bill (the one who knows everything is true, read the Book of Mormon, but doesn't want to leave his church) with Sister Reese. It was good, we talked about his reading in the Book of Mormon. We also had lunch at Golden Corral with Aneicia because we had gift cards. Well I haven't been to Golden Corral in probably 10 years (the only times I remember going are in Utah, aka about 10 years ago!) (I can't believe I'm old enough to say that). It was so different and I got so full!!! We also got the call that night that I was being transferred. Sister Tenney in Gibsonville is also being transferred. 

SUNDAY!!! I love Sunday's! Especially Fast Sunday's! I was so emotional yesterday, it was not cool! Well I bore my testimony and started crying. Then Chris (who came to Burlington to say good-bye to me) went up and bore his testimony. That just got me crying even more. I have seen the change the gospel and especially the atonement has made in his life. It was so amazing. AND THEN! Sister Hinrichs (the not-so-less-active now) went up and bore her testimony. GOSH! It was the best good-bye presents ever!!!! I love the Gospel!! :) 

Sunday night we also saw Sister Mebane and her daughter Kathleen to say good-bye to them. It was emotional, but good! 

OH!!! During Primary, well first off, in Primary the primary kids can pass off the Articles of Faith and if they pass off all 13 they get to cut off a member of the bishoprics tie's. Well the adults can too, but they have to do all 13 at one time! So I did! :) I went to Primary opening exercises and passed off all 13 (I am grateful to my parents who helped me memorize them when I was little!). Then I cut off Brother Keel's tie! (Pictures to be sent soon!) 

I think that's all! 

I love Burlington and I'm sad to go, but I'm excited for a new adventure in North Carolina! 

Sister Miriah Loosle