Monday, September 30, 2013

I get to take the Sacrament!

Dear Family and Friends, 

First off, transfers are this week! And Drum Roll please! ................ I am staying in Burlington! with Sister Banks! :) And... We're getting a new sister!!!! :) We will be training her, so she is straight from the MTC! 
I am so excited to be training, but I am also very nervous. I know I can do this with the Lord's help, but I am also extremely grateful to the Lord that Sister Banks will still be here to help as well. 

The title for those who have seen (or will see) the General Relief Society Meeting Broadcast was in Sister Burton's talk. (And for those who haven't I encourage you to look up her talk, it was amazing!!!) All of the talks in the broadcast were amazing. I loved every minute of it. And I am so excited for Conference this weekend! (P.S. I need to get MnM's tomorrow, that's how I will keep a little bit of home with me as I watch conference!) 

So last Monday we had Zone Activity again! This time we went to a park and played a bunch of games! Like Ultimate Frisbee, Kickball, and two-hand touch football. It was a lot of fun. (I forgot my SD card converter today, so I'll send a bunch of pictures next week!!!) 

On Tuesday, Elon University had a "Religious Fair". It was an interesting experience. The Elders and us went and just stood at a table and if anyone came up we talked about the church. It was weird because I know why there are so many different religions and why it should not be that way. It was interesting because people were "shopping" for a religion and I love that I grew up in the church. Because I know I never have to do that. Because where ever I go, where ever I may end up, the gospel of Jesus Christ will be the same in every Latter-day Saint church building. 

Bike week started on Wednesday! It really is a lot of fun to ride our bikes and we get to talk with so many more people, because we can just stop (and it's not super weird and awkward like in a car) to talk with them. 

Hannah is our progressing investigator! And we are so excited for her. She came to church yesterday and as far as I could tell had a great time! We met her last Sunday as a referral from her boyfriend and his family (who are members). We are so excited to see her progress towards baptism. 

My favorite talk at the broadcast was President Monsons. He is so amazing and I love the way he talks about us as daughters and about his wife. 

I am super excited to meet my new companion tomorrow! And also the Elders in Burlington are getting another companion, so they'll be 6 missionaries in the Burlington ward! 

Love you all!! 

Sister Loosle 

Monday, September 23, 2013

"Are you making noise or are you making music?"

Hello Family and Friends! 

This week has been a whole bunch of ups and downs. 

Last Monday my district played Basketball at the church. It was a lot of fun! It's also very interesting playing as missionaries, because Elders have to guard Elders and Sister have to guard Sisters. But it's still super fun!

On Tuesday we ate a members house and had Chicken Liver. Well let me tell you, it's definitely NOT my favorite food! So far that's the most interesting thing I've had on my mission! But we'll see because I've only been out for 3 months! Which brings me to. . . A week from tomorrow are transfers. I don't know what will happen yet, but I'll know on Saturday(which is the General Relief Society Conference that I invite all the women to watch! :) ) 

We started teaching a less-active, Brother Valdez, on Facebook. Which is a very interesting way of teaching. Because you're online, you can't really have a prayer at the lesson, so it's pretty much a gospel conversation with commitments. 

I gave training at District Meeting. That was scary! but I hope it was good. I gave it on "Teach People, Not Lessons" by "Using the Scriptures". And then I had to make role-play criteria! (Role playing is what it sounds like, usually one missionary pretends to be an investigator and the other will be the missionary. And you just go through a lesson or part of a lesson). 

So we FINALLY taught Jody a lesson. She was a referral we received the second week we were here. We got in contact with her then, but she kept canceling our appointments. Until Friday night, when Sister Banks and I were trying to figure out who we needed to go and see, because it was almost 8 and it was really dark! (We try not to knock on doors past7:30 because it's getting dark earlier!). Anyway after we prayed I had a really strong impression that we needed to try Jody. When we got to her house it was pitch black! So we sat in the van (yes we drive a van) wondering if there was someone else we needed to try, when all of the sudden she pulled up. She let us in and we taught her part of the Plan of Salvation. It was a miracle!!!!

Church yesterday was just amazing! We talked about Developing our Talents in Gospel Principals and Elder Bednar's talk from last conference "We Believe in Being Chaste" in Relief Society. Being chaste is so important. I've grown up with being taught the Law of Chasity, but it just hit me yesterday how important it really is. How much Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ trust us with the power to create a life and how much the world just abuses that power.
 The Stake Presidency came and spoke yesterday and their talks were amazing! President Jarvis gave a great talk on the gospel train is accelerating. How years ago, we could be on the gospel train and get off and play in the "woods" or play with sin and then sprint to catch up or go through the repentance process and still jump on the train. But now the train is accelerating and there no way that we can jump off and dilly-dally in sin and expect to get back on just as easy. The process of repentance is becoming harder, not because the gospel is harder to follow, but because the sins the world is committing are becoming worse and worse.
 President Hiatt then gave a great talk on "Are we making noise or are we making music?" And gave the analogy of an orchestra. And how if you go before while they are each practicing their different instruments, not playing together, you'll hear noise. But when the conductor comes out and instructs what to play, you hear music. We need to be in tune with the Savior and listen to the Spirit to make music instead of noise. 

I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love being a missionary. I honestly do not know where I would be without this gospel. I love you all. 

Sister Loosle  

Monday, September 16, 2013

Everyone's Calling in the Church is to help bring people to Come to Christ

Hello Family! :) 

This week has been just amazing! First off we finally taught Elizabeth! She was a referral the first Sunday we were in Burlington! We got in contact with her and taught her and her daughter Summer (age 9) the Restoration. It was so great! And they both are so excited to be baptized! 

At District meeting on Wednesday Sister Banks gave a great training! That night we had dinner with a less-Active Sister Seager. She's moving at the end of this month to Arizona, but hopefully the missionaries there will be able to get in contact with her! :)

Thursday we went on exchanges. Sister Carlson came to Burlington with me and Sister Banks and Sister Ulbrirri went to High Point. Sister Carlson is so great! :) We went tracking and tried to see a lot of less-actives, with no avail, but Friday was better! I also realized that I can lead an area without my trainer. Although it's a scary thought, it made me realize I can do it! 

On Friday Sister Carlson and I saw Layla (LA) and Mary (RC). They are both wonderful women! And really have a desire to continue to grow their testimonies. 
Once exchanges were over Sister Banks and I tried to contact a less-active Brother Green, but got in contact with his wife and began teaching her. Brother Green walked in while we were teaching, so we got to teach both of them! It was great! Especially because Brother Green hasn't been to church since he was 9 or 10,so he doesn't remember much! But Sister Green was so excited when I showed her the "Gospel Library" on her iPad. She started watching all of the different videos' and she's excited to read the Book of Mormon and Bible side-by-side. 

On Saturday we taught Ashley, Karen, Fiona, and Missy. Karen is the only one who wasn't really interested so we're not going to continue teaching her. :( But Ashley and Fiona we've taught before and they are struggling reading the Book of Mormon because of their kids and work schedules, but hopefully we sparked some interest. Missy we met at 8:45 and taught a quick lesson, then got a return appointment for tomorrow. We're excited to go back and see her! :)
Saturday night we stopped by the High Priest Social (because we had some less-active, recent converts, and part-member families coming). It was fun! 

In Gospel Principals we talked about missionary work. And in Relief Society we talked about Church Leadership and Service (that's where the subject comes from). The talks yesterday were so amazing! They talked about Christ-Like Love or Charity. 1 Cor. 13:3-10 are great verses about Charity and Love. 

I hope everything is going well with everyone and I love hearing from everyone, missionaries, family, and friends. :)

Sister Loosle 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Faith to Find

Good Morning Family and Friends! :) 

This month for our District and Zone Meetings we are focusing on the Faith to Find. Meaning the Faith we need to find people to teach. In Preach My Gospel chapter 9, it talks about this principal and how Faith is a principal of finding. 

This week has been thrown off for me because last week P-Day was Tuesday, but hopefully I'll be back on schedule soon! 

We started bikes again on Wednesday. And it's been a long week! Let me just say I hope by the end of my mission my legs have nice muscles! Also I hope my legs have a nice tan as well because I can start to see a tan line from my shoes :P But we'll see! 

We saw Dagmar on Wednesday with Sister Moore. We talked a lot about Baptism and Confirmation. We asked her to pray for a date to be baptized on. The lesson was so powerful and the spirit was so strong! However the next day she texted us with concerns about Joseph Smith. We were hoping to see her and help her understand the truth from the lies, but we did not get the chance. We're still praying for it, so at least we can help her understand the different things. 

Last week we went proselyting at the park,it was interesting, but we did find a potential investigator and on Thursday we taught her with Sister Gaynier. She's so great! And we have another appointment with her this week. She has 2 sons, and they were actually quiet and listening (for the most part) during the lesson. 

Friday was Zone Meeting, which are always great! I did a 5-8 minute training on our purpose and Doctrine and Covenants Section 4. I think I did well, at least my companion and the other missionaries think so too. I got done sanctifying Facebook on Friday as well! :) So I'm rewarding myself today with Ice Cream :) We met an older lady named Dot, who is crazy! But she's really funny! We taught her the Plan of Salvation, but I'm pretty sure when we went back on Saturdayshe barely remembered who we were. But that's okay, we'll still try to help where we can. 

On Saturday we taught Ashley (a referral from the Elders) with Sister Zelaya (she's leaving for her mission in October, and going to Boise Idaho). It was a great lesson! We taught the Restoration, well reminded her of it, because she's met with missionaries before. 

Church yesterday was so amazing! Sister Banks gave a wonderful talk on Strengths and Weaknesses. And then Sister Banks and I, The Burlington Elders, and The Gibsonville Elders (so our whole district) sang "Come Thou Font, of Every Blessing" as the intermediate Hymn. It was so powerful! We really have amazing talents in our district. 

We met two of the Elon College students that are members yesterday as well. Katherine, who has beautiful red curly hair and Taralee, who's a new freshman. They are both Theater majors, which it was fun to talk to them about the different plays they've been in and I've been in. It also got me thinking about how much I really do love theater and how I might want to pursue it after my mission, but who knows! 

Missionaries Do Have Fun:
Two P-Day's ago, it was a member of the Bishoprics birthday, so the Elders and us went to his house (and thankfully his niece was there). She let us in and we ballooned and streamered his front room! It was fun, but then he knew it was us, so every other day he's been putting balloons outside each of our different apartment doors. And Saturday morning he left Lemon Poppy Seed muffins as well (which were delicious! :) )

Well that's all I have to say this week! :) I hope y'all are doing great and have a great week! 

Sister Loosle 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day

Hello Family and Friends!

This week has been a good one! We started off with interviews this week, which were great because not only do we get to talk with President Craven, but both President and Sister Craven get to speak to us and I love hearing from them! 

We got back in contact with Dagmar! And we taught her a lesson on Facebook! Which let me tell you was very interesting, but it felt so much more productive while we were on Facebook. We also taught her once at her home. She's been having a lot of anxiety lately, so it's hard for her to leave her house, but we're taking it slow and she's still reading and praying which is great! :) 

We had to drop Keith and Ginny (an older couple) for a few weeks because Ginny in going having Chemo this week and for the next few weeks as well. But we're going to keep in touch with them and hopefully when Chemo's done we'll continue to teach them more about the gospel. 

Leyla is a less-active in the Spanish Branch that we are now teaching (because she is a single sister it's easier for us to teach her). She actually started coming back to church all on her own, but the Branch President would like for her to take the missionary lessons again. It's a great opportunity for us to practice teaching all of the lessons! 

Stephanie (another one of the Elders investigators) was baptized on Saturday and we got to go to that as well! It was so great and Stephanie is just an amazing person! She has 5 kids (3 girls and twin boys) that she is raising with the help of her sister and her sisters finance. I know that the gospel can help her and can help everyone everywhere! 

Yesterday we spent a lot of time in Graham (about 20-25 min drive). It was great because we got to meet a lot of less-actives we've never met and we met some potential investigators. 

I love serving the Lord every day and I know He can do anything. 

I love you all and miss you! 

Sister Loosle