Monday, August 11, 2014

Miracles, Mitchell's, and Rainy Days

Happy Monday! :) 

So much happened! To start off Jullien (the man we found at Walmart last Monday) came to church! :) he said he liked it and had a great time. We transferred him over to the Elders because he's a single man. But he is golden! I'm excited to see him progress and I know the Elders can help him more than we can. 

We also met Caroline and Paige this week. Caroline grew up atheist but wants to know more about Jesus Christ. We just gave her a card when we saw her outside and a few minutes later she texted us and wanted to know more. So we taught her in the park. 

Paige, we knocked on her door. She didn't grow up going to church, but through a boyfriend she started going to church. She has a great desire to know truth and to find it. We taught her the restoration and gave her a Book of Mormon. She's going to college right now and living at home. 

The Mitchell's are back! Okay so not really. Back story:

In Burlington there was this amazing couple, The Mitchell's who would have us over for dinner at least twice a month and were Chris' fellowshippers. Well 2 weeks before I got transferred to Summerfield, they moved here! So we're in the same ward again!!! :) We had dinner with them and we were just laughing and remembering all the good times in Burlington. It's weird because I might die here in Summerfield, so I'll have started and ended my mission with them. Heavenly Father really wants us to be friends! 

It's been rainy almost all week and we've been on bikes :P But we lived! :) 

Amy and Grayson's baptism! With my new companion Sister Morris

Sister Morris and I made desks :)  

Love y'all!
-Sister Loosle 

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