Monday, January 27, 2014

40 Day Fast

Yes family and friends I am fasting for 40 days! Call me crazy, call me insane, but it really works! 

Okay so I'll explain that first, you don't need to worry about me I'm not actually fasting for 40 days, I'm doing a 40 day fast of thoughts and different actions. It's to help sanctify the mission. Sister Banks talked about how they did one last year at the beginning of the year as well. So it's exciting! We started yesterday with a real fast, and as we were in the mood of fasting and praying, we thought of things we could do better, stop doing, or start doing, to help us be more sanctified as a mission. I.E. thoughts of home, more obedient with the morning or evening schedule, negative thoughts, etc. You can also fast specific food, i.e. m'n'm's, deserts, etc. 

No I am not fasting m'n'm's, I'm not that crazy! :P But I do encourage everyone to do something like this. Everyone who's done it before said it really helps them. And everyday in the 40 days, we start with a prayer asking Heavenly Father to help us with these things and end the day with a prayer asking for forgiveness or thanking for the help He gave. Throughout the day if thoughts come into your mind about these things, you pause, move the thought aside, say a prayer, and go on through the day. It really is so amazing! 

So for those who did not hear, I don't think I mentioned it last week, but the Elder's in Burlington got emergency transferred out. So Sister Perez and I took on all Burlington, including any investigators the Elders had that were progress (thank goodness it was only 2!). But there will be more Elders at transfers (Feb 4th). 

There's this sweet little girl in our apartment complex (she's like 10), but she just loves us! We talk with her every couple of days, when she's playing at the play ground or walking her dog. Well she's in girl scouts. And you can see where this is going because it's girl scout cookie season.... yes I bought girl scout cookies, just one box though! And I'm not going to buy any more because they are EXPENSIVE! Goodness! 

MIRACLE!!! So last Monday was a holiday, so we were working. We knocked on this guys door, he was on the phone, but said he wanted to talk to us, so we gave him our number and left. We thought, "Well it'd be nice if he called, but the chances of that are like 1 in a million!" Well this is that one in a million chance! This was the millionth door! (probably not, but close!) HE CALLED ON TUESDAY! We set up an appointment for Wednesday! It was so great! His name is John and he is looking for a sense of community. GAH! I'm so excited for him! When he taught him, he said he'd done some research on Wikipedia (YIKES!) about the Mormons! But he listened and still wanted to meet. We met again on Saturday at the Gayneir's house. He didn't come to church though :( He didn't feel well on Sunday morning. But he's still excited to come next week! 

Yesterday I hit my 7 month mark. I know it's crazy! I cannot believe it either. I've been here for 7 months! But it's been the best 7 months ever!!! :) 

So James, our other investigator, came to church yesterday. He (this is going to sound racist, but it's not meant to be!) is from a Southern Black Baptist background. So during the talks in Sacrament Meeting he was saying, "Amen" and "Praise the Lord" throughout all the talks. They were really good talks, it was just something different here in the South. 

I love you and miss you all! I know the church is true! I know the Gospel is pure! 

Sister Loosle 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

So Much Good!


Oh my goodness this week was so good! I'm so excited to tell you all about it! But I don't think I can. So heads up on this email might be a bit long! 

On Tuesday we taught Cintia, Sister Miranda's friend. She is so great! She's from Brazil and has this cute little dog! We just stopped by, we had met her once before with Sister Miranda (who moved to Boston 2 weeks ago). We taught her about where the Book of Mormon came from and why it's important. Sister Miranda had shared one with her earlier and she had been reading it (from random parts). So we suggested she read it like a story, because it is! :) 

Wednesday was Zone Conference. OHMYGOODNESS! It was so amazing! I wish I could tell you everything! My favorite thing that Sister Craven says though is "I'm special,I I'm not special." Meaning we're all special because we're children of God, but we're not special enough that the rules and commandments don't apply to us. President Craven talked about the Law of Chasity at the end of Zone Conference. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop! But it was so good! 
We also learned about how Good and Evil are parallel's, they will never touch. If you want to do evil, you'll jump to that line, you can't be in the middle. There really is no "gray area". 

We found the Peralta's on Thursday! They are a Catholic family, but were so open to us teaching them. They even said our beliefs' weren't all the different! Because they aren't! :) Oh Thursday was such a great day! With weekly planning in the morning and finding and teaching all day long! We taught Sister Price, who came to church! She is so amazing! She has really opened up since we first started seeing the Price's. She was born and raised Southern Baptist (and they do not like the Mormons), so it IS a HUGE deal that she keeps inviting us to come over. We're hoping this week she'll stay for all 3 hours of church. I know she'll be able to know the church is true as she does that and reads (which she's doing with her husband) the Book of Mormon. We also taught Chris at the mall. Mall lessons are so weird, but interesting. The mall here is so DEAD! So it's nice and quiet place to teach. Although the lesson wasn't very spiritual it's always nice to talk to Chris. And we've started teaching his brother, Cody, on Facebook! 

Friday, I got a package from my BEST FRIENDS!!! :) Oh I love them! We taught Sister Brewington (Less-active) the Plan of Salvation. She had never heard it before. Crazy! But that's why were here! She is working out her schedule so she can come to church on Sunday! :) 

On Saturday we found the Young's. They are great! We taught them the Restoration and have a return appointment for Saturday. We are so excited to teach them! 

Sacrament Meeting on Sunday was just so perfect. I mean PERFECT! It was so spiritual and just great! All the talks focused on Christ and learning from His example, and apply the parables He taught in our lives. Just wonderful! 
Then in Sunday we talked about Heavenly Father and His role in our lives. And in Relief Society we talked more about Jesus Christ. It was just so amazing! 
We taught a lesson to a man named Ahmed (Ackmed) (like Ahmed the Dead Terrorist, I'm serious when I say, that he told us his name and that is what I thought of, really sad, but still). I learned more about what Muslims believe and he learned more about what we believe so it was good.  

Monday - Martin Luther King, Jr Day. Well because it was a holiday we were out working, which is why you are getting this email today! It was a good day though! 

Sister Loosle

Remember the Gospel of Jesus Christ is perfect. And Jesus Christ is the Head of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He leads the church through a prophet. I know this to be true for myself. The Book of Mormon is the word of God, as is the Bible. And I love both of them! 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Bikes and Freezin' Weather!

Well the beginning of this week it was freezing weather. So on Tuesday we went out at 10AM to go to Barns and Noble for Facebook. Well as we were biking, we came to a stop light and I couldn't pull my breaks to stop! So I tried to stop with my feet (not a good idea) and still crashed into Sister Perez! Apparently my breaks froze! I don't know how! But they did! So I didn't have a bike for over 24 hours. But finally the Elders came to look at my bike and "fixed" it. Well we can hope they did.

We also went on exchanges on Tuesday, so we didn't have any transportation while on exchanges. But they were still good! I stayed in Burlington with Sister Wright. And we saw Sister Hinrichs and Brother Jackson, who both came to church on Sunday!! But getting someone to come with us to Brother Jackson's appointment was a nightmare! The Harper's (who we ate dinner with) were going out of town the next day and needed to pack. The Shepherd's pipe burst because of the cold weather. And finally Bishop Coleman and his wife could come with us! And it was perfect! They said all the right things! We taught Brother Jackson the Plan of Salvation. He hasn't been to church in probably 40 years about! So we're teaching him everything. But he get's it! And he wants to come back to church!

We got Sister Mebane (a less-active sister, who is from Corpus Christi) to come out with us on Thursday to see some investigators. But our appointments weren't there :( But we still had fun! We also went to see Sister Reese (wife of 2nd councilor in the Bishopric) because her son just had surgery on his foot and we brought her doughnuts. Also on Thursday the Relief Society had their "additional meeting" or enrichment night if you will, called a Cookie "Exchange". And we talked about going on "exchanges" with the Sister Missionaries. Well there not really called exchanges they're called splits or teams, but it was a cute idea. And the cookies were good! Sister Perez and I talked about what to expect when we take the sisters out. Only 5 sisters showed up though, so we got LOTS of cookies.

On Friday I realized I turn 20 in one month. I don't know about any of you, but I'm scared of turning 20. It's like your officially an adult. No more teens. It's weird.

But back to the Friday, we had Zone Meeting and Zone Lunch, which is always fun. I sang a duet at Zone Meeting. We got a call at 8:30 AM (Zone Meeting started at 10) and the Zone Leaders asked if I could do a duet. Well what would you say? Of Course! I'd love too! With as little sarcasm as I can muster. But it was good!

Sunday was Ward Conference. Relief Society was on 1 Nephi 8 and 11, about the different people in Lehi's dream and how we all need to be rescued.

We went to Sister Mebane's and taught Family Home Evening, which was good! We made a gratitude tree. And then since she has a 20 year old daughter, who's also less-active, we got to watch the CES Devotional! OHMYGOODNESS it was SOOOOOO GOOD!!!! Elder Calister is amazing! I highly recommend all to listen or read his talk. It was about how the blue print for Christ's church is found in the New Testament and how the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints follows that blue print to a T!

I love and miss y'all!

Sister Loosle

Monday, January 6, 2014

New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year Friends and Family! 

Let me start out by saying, I cannot believe 2014 is here. I know I've said that for the past X amount of weeks, but really! It's crazy!

Tuesday - Happy (Belated) Birthday Mom! :) I heard Whitley, Leona, and D'Auriel stopped by. I hope that was fun! I definitely miss them! 
Since it was the last day of the month and we had about 60 miles for the month left, we went to the boarder! :P All the way in Haw River, which is close to Mebane. We found some great new investigators out there! They are just so far away!!! 
Wednesday - 2014! I was a little sad that I don't have my journal from last new year with me to see all my goals and stuff, but that's okay I think I accomplished most of them! (a lot having to do with mission stuff :P) The Gayniers (a family in the ward) made us homemade pizza for dinner! It was so good! :) I also made chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast! 
Thursday - We taught Sister Hinrichs and the Prices (both came to church!!) They are so wonderful! Sister Hinrichs, a less-active, wants to be a good example to her kids and grand-kids (and husband) so she's coming back to church! And she quit smoking 2 years ago, just by praying and asking God for help! The Prices are a part-member family. Sister Price is not a member and is a devote Southern-Baptist, but she's warmed up to the church a LOT! We're teaching her slowly! Brother Price use to be an Area Seventy! But he's less-active now. But he still has a testimony and I think he really wants to come back, but not without his wife! 
Friday- I am so glad for a washing machine and dryer in our apartment! When ever we go to less-active or investigators who smoke, our clothes ALWAYS smell! So we throw them into the washer! But that's not the point! We had a great lesson with Sharnelle on Friday. She's been taught by the missionaries before about 3 years ago. It was a very confusing lesson, but the spirit was there and I hope she felt it. 
Saturday- We helped with the Primary activity! It was so much fun! :) I love kids!!!!! :) Today was my 180th day in North Carolina! 
Sunday - We started 9AM church. It's so hard not to study in the morning or to only get 20 mins in. But church was so good! We talked about the Final Judgment and Saints for All Seasons. We also gave up the car :P Boo! But it's okay! We have a great story from last night! So remember about 2 or 3 months ago when I told you we got the police called on us because we were "3 suspicious girls"? Well we were knocking in a neighborhood near our apartment around 6:30/7 PM It wasn't even that late! But it was dark! We needed to get home for an appointment a member was picking us up for, so we get on our bikes are start heading home. Well Sister Perez sees 2 cop cars drive into the neighborhood as were riding out and says, "Someone probably called the cops on us again" jokingly of course! next thing I know Sister Perez is telling me to pull into the bank parking lot. I'm confused, but the cops pull in and one gets out to talk to us. Apparently you're not suppose to "solicit" after dark, but he realized we weren't soliciting! So we didn't do anything wrong. He said someone had called because they were worried we were burglars. Can you please tell me how 2 young women in skirts look scary?!? We've had guns threatened on us and almost pulled on us and police called us way to many times! People need to lighten up and not be so worried! We're just trying to share the gospel!!! :) 
I love and miss you all! 
Sister Loosle