Monday, August 25, 2014

Wow! What a Week!

Dear Family, Friends, and Random people that read this! 

This week has been quit a week. First off we were on our bikes and it was HOT! But apparently the high did not get over 90 this week. However when you add 90+% humidity to the mix, it sums up to a very hot and humid day. See in Utah or Texas when it's hot and you sweat the sweat evaporates and cools you down. However in North Carolina, that is not the case. I feel bad for the people I talk to because I am covered! Head to toe in sweat! It's kind of gross, but that's okay! I'm sharing what I love, and they can still feel the spirit through my words. But really I will never complain about it being too hot in Texas or Utah again. 

We had interviews this week. They were amazing! I really felt nervous about them, I don't really know why. But I had a good experience. President Craven is the best. I really do have a testimony that each mission president is assigned to a certain mission and the missionaries need him and his wife. 

We met a lot of wonderful people this week, and have return appoints for this coming week, so I'm excited! Although tracting is not going well, we had a great experience with a member this week. She invited her friend Heather to lunch with us and we were able to answer her questions about the church. Heather has a lot of member friends, so a bunch of people were asking about her on Sunday. It was great! :) 

This week seemed to go by so fast! I can't believe next week is September! Seriously where has this year gone too? 

Sister Loosle 

P.S. Alma 7:22-23 if you haven't seen my status. :) 

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