Monday, October 28, 2013

October Pictures

I matched the house!

Bikes! WhooHoo! 

Sisters in Reedy Creek (Charlotte) who we stayed with. From Left:
Sister Neilson (from Austin), Sister Banks, Sister Loosle,
Sister Evangilista, Sister Lewis, and Sister Perez

Last picture with the van :( 

I am A Child of God

Hello! :) 

We are all Children of God. He loves and knows each one of you individually. 

Yesterday was the Primary Program and the theme was "I am A Child of God". It was so amazing! I love little kids! :) And one thing that is really hard being a missionary is you can't hold them. Why I bring that up, because during Primary yesterday all the missionaries in our ward did "Sharing Time!" Sharing time is just an activity for the kids to do during their class. So we taught them how to invite their friends to the "Trunk or Treat" this week! It was so cute! And because the adults were getting trained on "How to share the gospel over social media" during that hour, we stayed for singing time and helped out. I was in charge of the Sunbeams! There are only 2 of them, and they are so cute! (Sunbeams are 3-4). But one of the little girls, Grace (she has red hair and is adorable!), wanted to sit on my lap during singing time. I was so heart-broken when I had to tell her she couldn't because I was a Missionary! But it's okay! Blessing come when you're obedient! 

During Sunday School Sister Perez and I taught the 12-13 year old's, while Sister Banks went to a meeting with the High Councilor over missionary work and the ward missionaries. We taught on the Plan of Salvation. It was great. 

Saturday we were in Charlotte again! Woohoo! (except those who've been on missions and are one missions know that miles this month for us are shot! a trip to Charlotte down and back is 200+ miles!). Anyway it was totally worth it! Elder Kopischke and Elder Parker spoke to us! It was so great! :) 

But the Zone Leaders took the van from us :'( We are now driving a 2013 Ford Fusion. I know it's such a sacrifice from a van to a 2013 Ford Fusion, but we'll have to deal. 

The rest of this week I don't even know what happened because I was so surprised when we were already back in Charlotte on Friday night. Oh and we're going down again on the 31st. Yay miles! :P But it'll be good because it's are trainer/trainee meeting. 

I love and miss you all! 

Sister Loosle  

Monday, October 21, 2013

What a Wonderful Preparation Day!

I am so sorry that this letter is so late in the day! I mean I have less than an hour to email today! But it is for a VERY good reason! Elder Zwick from the Presidency of the seventy came to our mission and did a mission conference this morning! It was AMAZING!!!! I learned so much and we got to take pictures with him and his wife! They are so wonderful! 

So that is why this is late because last night we drove all the way down to Charlotte (2 hours) and stayed with the Reedy Creek Sisters. *Sidenote* Sister Nielson, who is serving in Reedy Creek right now while she waits for her visa to go to Brazil is from ... drum roll please ... AUSTIN TEXAS!!! :) I was so happy to hear that! She's in the Round Rock Stake! But we were so surprised when we both said we were from Austin! Anyway back to last night. We stayed at their place and went to the church today for the conference. We made it back to Burlington at 5! I know crazy! But they're giving us an hour to do shopping tomorrow! Thank Goodness! :) 

Well the rest of this week was an alright one. Not the best, and that was partly on my part. Oh I had forgotten to mention in my letter last week that I had a filling fall out and so I got it fixed last Monday. 

This week was bike week and I swear on Saturday we biked 20 miles although the GPS said it was only like 15! But it was a LONG bike ride! To answer the questions, biking in a skirt is not as easy as the Sister Missionaries make it look! 

Yesterday we taught the 14-15 years olds in Sunday School. It was interesting. We taught them about Missionary Work. And I could just see the 14/15 year olds from Sunset Valley in each of them. That was scary! 

I love each of you! And I hope next week I'll have more time to write! 

Love you!

Sister Loosle 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

"Three Suspicious Girls"

Let me start off with the subject because that is a story to tell!

It all started last Friday when we were visiting Sister Tate (an older lady who is only less-active because of her health). She gave us 3 referrals! I know crazy right! Anyway! We started trying to get in contact with these people. One of them, Maddi, we just couldn't catch her when she was home. We tried her probably 4 times this week! This Friday (3 days ago) we had a few minutes before our last appointment at 8, so we decided to go try her again because we were in the area. We knocked on her door and we knew she was home because we saw her shadow! But she didn't answer so we decided to leave a card with our name and number on it. Then we went to our appointment and had a great time.

The Next Day: 

So Saturday morning we had a meeting with the bishop about the ward mission plan at the church. We go and have our meeting, which was a great meeting! The Elders after the meeting tell us a story about how a police man came to the church the night before looking for "3 suspicious girls". The only person in the church on Friday night was the electrician working on the lights. So he talked with the police, but didn't know where we were. The electrician told us this story as well. 

Moral of the Story:

Anyway the moral of the story is to not go knocking at 7:45 at night! 

Back to the rest of my week!

Sister Mebane is a less-active we're working with. She's knows the gospel is true! And she knows she needs to be at church! But she is having a hard time getting there because she was offended. 
We had Zone Conference this week! And it was amazing! President and Sister Craven are just wonderful! 
On Friday we helped out in Seminary! I do not know how I did 4 years of going to bed way later than I do now and getting up way earlier! I was so tired! I think I'm still feeling the effects of it! But it was fun! We taught on Companion Study, the what and why, and how. 
So church yesterday was amazing as always, well I think except for the last probably 20 or so minuets. Why you ask? Well because I had to give a talk! Yes a 20 minute talk! And for those of you who were at my farewell you know I only went 10 minutes when I was suppose to go 12-15. But I am glad to say that I spoke for 20 minutes! I honestly don't think it was that good, I felt scattered all over the place. But everyone I talked to afterwards said it was amazing. So I know that I wasn't the one speaking, but the Lord was speaking through me. 
My topic was "Temptation". Interesting and broad topic. I was going to include my talk, but I really don't feel like writing it all out and I only wrote down key points, not word for word what I was going to say. But the gist of it is:
I started with a story about myself. What story you ask. Well a story of service, of helping Brother Brady at Explore UT. But not just any time, the first time I ate a meal worm. Yes I told that story to the ward, during sacrament meeting. Let me tell you, if they weren't paying attention, they definitely were after that. I also mentioned that I had braces on, which got a audible gasp from the congregation. It was funny! But then I tied that in to we all have weaknesses (mine being competitive and wanting to show that I can do anything boys can do) and Satan uses those to tempt us. I also used how bushing my teeth probably 7 times was the only way to get every little part of the worm out of my braces as a relevance to repentance. Then I went into how if we put on the Armor of God we can withstand temptation and not have a nasty "taste in our mouths". And by doing the 7 things True to the Faith suggests we can keep the Amour of God on. 
  1.  Center our lives on Jesus Christ
  2.  Pray for Strength (D&C 10:5)
  3.  Search the Scriptures Daily
  4.  Fill your life with Goodness
  5.  Avoid Tempting Places and Situations
  6.  Strive to Influence others for good
  7.  Never Hesitate in your decision to do good
And closed with how everything comes down to our agency (2 Nephi 2:27). No matter what we always have the choice to choose good or evil. No one can make us do anything. 
I love you all! 
Sister Loosle 

Monday, October 7, 2013


I realized I was suppose to send pictures :P So here they are :) 

Picture 1: The whole district this week! Elders Eckersley,
Whitaker, Miles, Steenson, Ebert, Schowerhamer, and Briggs.
Sisters Banks, Loosle, and Perez.
Picture 2: Our Van! 

Picture 3: The District last Monday in front of Mickey!
Elder Arnold, Elder Steenson, Elder Miles, Elder Ebert,
Sister Loosle, and Sister Banks.
Picture 4: Sister Banks and I out doing work on our bikes
Picture 5: All the Sisters in the Greensboro Zone 
Picture 6: Everyone in the Greensboro Zone!
Picture 7: Before the first transfer, my district:
Elder Briggs, Elder Skousen, Elder Steenson,
Elder Miles, Elder Arnold, Elder Sherer,
Sister Banks, and Sister Loosle 
Picture 8: A little turtle we found!
I hope y'all like them! :) 

Sister Loosle 

I Don't Even Know Where To Begin!

Family and Friends, 
What a wonderful opportunity it is to hear from you and to email you back! This week has been so crazy with transfers and training and conference! But what a wonderful week it has been! I am so excited to tell you about my week, but honestly I don't know where to begin! So I guess I'll just start with last Monday! 
One of the Elders in our District got transferred so we had to take pit cures again! This time it was in front of a GIANT painted Mickey Mouse! It was super fun! We taught Tonya and she seems really interested! But she had to cancel our appointment later this week :( but we're still hopeful!
Tuesday Sister Banks and I went down to transfers! It was a great experience yet again! There are so many new missionaries coming out! (30 this time!) So a lot of new areas were being opened to both Elders and Sisters. I know what everyone is waiting for! My new companion! Her name is Sister Perez and she is from California! She is so great and so ready to work! 
Wednesday was great, we saw the Johnson's (a less-active family). They are so sweet, but have a lot of concerns about Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. After they were baptized they got into some anti-Mormon literature. But we're helping them see what's doctrine and what's not. 
Thursday we had District meeting! It was crazy, but good! It was crazy because they did away with the Spanish Districts so the Spanish Elders were in our district and Gibsonville and Burlington (which they are also in a tri-companionship) and us! But it was so good!! 
Friday we got to see Sister Moore and Sister Tate (wonderful older ladies). 
And Saturday! General Conference! OHMYGOODNESS! I wish conference could be every week! I learned so much! And if you did not get a chance to watch any of the sessions I highly suggest going back and reading or watching them. I don't think I can pick a favorite this time around. They were all so amazing and inspiring. But I'll just hit some highlights from the sessions:
  • I cannot believe there are 80,333 missionaries and my companions and I are 3 of them! 
  • Also 15 million members of the church! That is just showing how much the work is hastening! 
  • Elder Hales' talk was wonderful in starting conference with "This is His Conference!" 
  • Elder Dube's talk, ohmy! "It's not about where we have gone or what we have done, but where we are willing to go."
  • President Utchdorf's whole talk was just amazing! "First doubt you doubts before you doubt your faith."
  • Elder Nielson (apparently came to the mission last December), his talk was so Exclamatory! I loved his enthusiasm about how we do need a game plan and that game plan is in the scriptures! 
  • President Eyring's and Elder Oaks talks work so well with each other. Love God first. Don't put anything higher than Him. 
  • Elder McConkie's talk on teaching with power and authority. I know we can each learn something from his talk. 
I invite all of you to continue to read over the conference talks, I know that they will help you in your every day lives. Friends and Family, Brothers and Sisters, I love you all! I would love to hear the many things you learned from conference next week in your emails or in letters :) 
It is always great to hear from you! I love you!
Sister Loosle