Monday, October 6, 2014

It's October! Go watch Meet the Mormons!

Hello Everyone!

This week Sherry found us! She's a less-active. We were in an apartment complex and she came up to us and gave us water. She told us she hasn't been to church for a few years, but was thinking about going back. We invited her to conference, but she didn't come :(

Thursday... I was sick :( it was no fun. I got a blessing and stayed in most of the day, except for coordination that night.

We had exchanges this week, which were good. I learned a lot and we got to teach Pam. We found her earlier this week just knocking. She liked the Restoration and is allowing us to come back, so we'll see how it goes.

Friday we had Zone Meeting/Watch Meet the Mormon!

Soooo... Meet the Mormons is a documentary commissioned by the First Presidency. It goes through 6 Mormons lives and how their faith helps them. It doesn't teach doctrine, but it is so good! :) it will be in select theaters on October 10, 2014. Is it near you? Find out and request it at :)

Wasn't conference Amazing?? Who was your favorite talk? I loved Elder.... I forgot his name, who spoke in Portuguese. I got many answers to my questions!

I love y'all! :)

- Sister Miriah Loosle -
      John 3:16-17
   He came to save!

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