Tuesday, August 27, 2013

2 Months?!

Dear Family and friends, 

I can not believe that I have been a missionary for 2 months now. It feels like yesterday I was still in Austin. But I love being out here! 

This week has not been the best, but next week this be better! Since school is starting this week, the campus we email at has been going crazy with people moving in and getting ready for classes. It made me a little sad because I wasn't moving back up to school, but I am so excited that I am out serving right now. 

Elder Ebert is the new Elder in Burlington, he's straight from the MTC. But he has a great companion and a great district! (I'm not just saying that because I'm in the district :P). 

Nothing really exciting happened this week, until Saturday. When Nancy (the Elders investigator) was baptized. Sister Banks and I got to attend the baptism and it was such a spiritual experience! I invite all of you, if there is a baptism in your ward to go. Even if you don't know the person well, one: get to know them! They're in your ward now and need a friend! and two: it really makes you think about the covenants you made at baptism. 

Sunday we had a great lesson on Charity, and then Ashley (a laurel in Gibsonville Ward) came out with us. It was a great experience. 

I would love to hear all about everyone's first day of school and seminary! :) I hope they went well! I love and miss all of you! 

Oh! And next week since Monday is Labor Day, President Craven has asked us to move P-Day to Tuesday, so I'll email you on Tuesday

Sister Loosle 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Pictures from Burlington

My MTC District right before we all parted ways.

My MTC District right before we all parted ways.

Me at the Mission Home. 

 Texas Ave in Burlington (there's also a Logan Street that I need a picture of)

 Texas Ave in Burlington (there's also a Logan Street that I need a picture of)

The Mystery Van from Texas!! (It has a Texas license plate)

More rocket launch
What we did this morning (launched rockets with our district and the Spanish Elders) 

The Transfers Over?!?!

Hello All! 

First of all.... I'm staying in Burlington for another transfer, as is Sister Banks. Elder Steenson (my district leader) is also staying, but his companion - Elder Skousen - is being transferred. 

So this week was really short, but really long. Like I said last email, on Monday, my Zone went bowling - which was so much fun. On Monday night we met Shamar and Betty (his mom). We taught them the Restoration and they let us come back later in the week. 

Tuesday I went to a Zone Meeting (and if you haven't already seen) we're using Facebook!! It was really weird getting on my Facebook, but we have to sanctify them so they are mission appropriate, which is good! After our meeting Sister Banks and I went on exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders in High Point. I went down to High Point with Sister Ulibarri. It was a great experience to see how another missionary works and teaches. 

Wednesday - started our bike week. Since we got Facebook, we get an hour each day to use it. So on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, Sister Banks and I rode to the college and back (4 miles both ways) plus other places. We rode about 15 miles each day! Which is crazy! I know, the boys rode 50 miles in a day (which is even crazier!!). 

Saturday it rained like all day (what's new in Burlington?) But we biked in the rain, which was a first, but it was fun! We didn't bike in down pour, it was just misting. 

Sunday - church was great! The Elders announced their investigator, Nancy, is getting baptized this Saturday! Which is great!  

I hope your all doing well! I love you all!

Sister Loosle

Monday, August 12, 2013

Not Much Time Today

Hello All!
I don't have much time to email today, so I might not get to reply to everything. We're having a Zone Activity because one of our Zone Leaders is going home next week.
Anyway, Monday night was just wonderful! The Elders came with us to our appointment with Dagmar so that she could receive a Priesthood Blessing. The Spirit was so strong! Because her son left she just needed comfort and help getting through this difficult time. 
Tuesday I wasn't really focused during our lessons, because of Dad getting laid off. I kept thinking of home and what was going on, and same with Wednesday. But Wednesday night I decided to receive a Priesthood Blessing as well. I am so grateful for the Priesthood and that we have Elders in our area that our worthy to give me a blessing. After the blessing I felt so much better and the rest of the week went better as well. 
Thursday night there was a Relief Society activity that we had a few investigators attend. They had a great time and it was a great experience to get to know some of the other sisters in the ward. 
Friday we had Zone Meeting, which was amazing! 
Saturday we saw Dagmar again and taught the Plan of Salvation. It was a difficult lesson to teach and she got stuck on Adam and Eve and the Fall being part of the plan. But Sister Wagner (the Relief Society President) came with and she helped us get through it. 
Sunday- Dagmar came to church! Well Sunday School and part of Relief Society because she had work. But it was still amazing! The Elders had a LOT of investigators there as well. And Sunday School and the talks in Sacrament Meeting were all on the Word of Wisdom! 
I'm hoping to get to everyone's email today, but we have to leave soon and I had 19 emails!!! Thank you for the support and love! I love ya'll! 
Sister Loosle 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Miracles Do Happen

Good Morning Family and Friends! 

This week has been so amazing! When you are exactly obedient you really do see the miracles in your life! It's great to hear everyone is doing well! I love and miss everyone! I also got some letters from the stake this week. One from a Stake Representative, who said we have 45 missionaries from our stake! That is amazing! And I know there are more to come in the next couple months! Another from the Youth! It was great to read the letters they wrote! (I especially liked Macy's, where she said Dad was standing over her shoulder :P). I hope Sam's birthday was good! 

On Sunday night, we knocked on a door and Edwin (she's about 20) let us in. We talked with her uncle (Casey), her aunt (Stephanie) and her cousin (Christlove, who we found out is a member and is visiting for the summer, she goes back to Florida mid-August). We taught them the Restoration! And they set up a return appointment. At the return appointment, we only taught Edwin (with Christlove there). But we went over the Restoration again and invited Edwin to be baptized on the 31st. It was so amazing! :) 

Tuesday Sister Banks and I got up SUPER early and left the apartment before the sun was up because we had to drive down to Charlotte for a training meeting. We didn't get home until almost 9!! But the training was so good! I learned so much. 

Wednesday after District meeting, our District went to clean Kevin's apartment (our neightbor). I will NEVER again complain about a dirty house. It was a great service though! :) 

I can't believe that it's August! (That's all I have to say about Thursday

Friday we met with Dagmar and Doris. We taught Dagmar about the priesthood and the Atonement and invited her to be baptized on the 31st as well. She didn't get to come to church yesterday, but she was excited and sad she couldn't go. So we're hoping she'll come next week :) We read the Book of Mormon with Doris and had a good conversation about that. 

So Saturday - seriously a day of miracles! - We had two appointments that fell through, but we still found everyone we needed to. We met some really sweet people who told us miraculous stories from their lives, although they were not interested at this time, we left them with pamphlets and our number. We met Linda, who doesn't fell like she belongs anywhere, so the church is perfect! We didn't have much time with her, but we shared a little and invited her to church (she didn't come though :( ). We also met Brenda (a former investigator) who is an older lady and she is funny! We're getting her a large print Book of Mormon, so she can read on her own! We got in contact with a Less-Active family, and have a return appointment for them! So excited for that! We also met Lisa, who was having a really hard time because her best friend is in the hospital, so we shared the Plan of Salvation with her and left a prayer for her and her friend. And finally we met Sister Douglas, a less-active, who joined the church because her husband joined, so she never gained a testimony for herself. But we are going to continue to meet with her and hopefully find that testimony! 

Oh and also! We went to Chick-Fil-A for dinner, because our dinner appointment fell through, and while there we met Brother and Sister Smith from Chicago. They're on vacation, going home, and we just happened to be there at the same time! And they paid for our food! :) So mom and dad, (and everyone else) keep helping the missionaries! They really do appreciate it! 

On Sunday we met another Less-Active, Sister Vincent, who reminds me of an older version of Niyel (a friend from school). She's so sweet. We shared 1 Cor. 10:13 with her. And it was just amazing! 
Church was also amazing! We talked about Service and Missionaries/Member Missionaries. 

I hope everyone is doing well! I love and miss all of you! Be safe! 

Sister Loosle