Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day

Hello Family and Friends!

This week has been a good one! We started off with interviews this week, which were great because not only do we get to talk with President Craven, but both President and Sister Craven get to speak to us and I love hearing from them! 

We got back in contact with Dagmar! And we taught her a lesson on Facebook! Which let me tell you was very interesting, but it felt so much more productive while we were on Facebook. We also taught her once at her home. She's been having a lot of anxiety lately, so it's hard for her to leave her house, but we're taking it slow and she's still reading and praying which is great! :) 

We had to drop Keith and Ginny (an older couple) for a few weeks because Ginny in going having Chemo this week and for the next few weeks as well. But we're going to keep in touch with them and hopefully when Chemo's done we'll continue to teach them more about the gospel. 

Leyla is a less-active in the Spanish Branch that we are now teaching (because she is a single sister it's easier for us to teach her). She actually started coming back to church all on her own, but the Branch President would like for her to take the missionary lessons again. It's a great opportunity for us to practice teaching all of the lessons! 

Stephanie (another one of the Elders investigators) was baptized on Saturday and we got to go to that as well! It was so great and Stephanie is just an amazing person! She has 5 kids (3 girls and twin boys) that she is raising with the help of her sister and her sisters finance. I know that the gospel can help her and can help everyone everywhere! 

Yesterday we spent a lot of time in Graham (about 20-25 min drive). It was great because we got to meet a lot of less-actives we've never met and we met some potential investigators. 

I love serving the Lord every day and I know He can do anything. 

I love you all and miss you! 

Sister Loosle 

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