Monday, September 16, 2013

Everyone's Calling in the Church is to help bring people to Come to Christ

Hello Family! :) 

This week has been just amazing! First off we finally taught Elizabeth! She was a referral the first Sunday we were in Burlington! We got in contact with her and taught her and her daughter Summer (age 9) the Restoration. It was so great! And they both are so excited to be baptized! 

At District meeting on Wednesday Sister Banks gave a great training! That night we had dinner with a less-Active Sister Seager. She's moving at the end of this month to Arizona, but hopefully the missionaries there will be able to get in contact with her! :)

Thursday we went on exchanges. Sister Carlson came to Burlington with me and Sister Banks and Sister Ulbrirri went to High Point. Sister Carlson is so great! :) We went tracking and tried to see a lot of less-actives, with no avail, but Friday was better! I also realized that I can lead an area without my trainer. Although it's a scary thought, it made me realize I can do it! 

On Friday Sister Carlson and I saw Layla (LA) and Mary (RC). They are both wonderful women! And really have a desire to continue to grow their testimonies. 
Once exchanges were over Sister Banks and I tried to contact a less-active Brother Green, but got in contact with his wife and began teaching her. Brother Green walked in while we were teaching, so we got to teach both of them! It was great! Especially because Brother Green hasn't been to church since he was 9 or 10,so he doesn't remember much! But Sister Green was so excited when I showed her the "Gospel Library" on her iPad. She started watching all of the different videos' and she's excited to read the Book of Mormon and Bible side-by-side. 

On Saturday we taught Ashley, Karen, Fiona, and Missy. Karen is the only one who wasn't really interested so we're not going to continue teaching her. :( But Ashley and Fiona we've taught before and they are struggling reading the Book of Mormon because of their kids and work schedules, but hopefully we sparked some interest. Missy we met at 8:45 and taught a quick lesson, then got a return appointment for tomorrow. We're excited to go back and see her! :)
Saturday night we stopped by the High Priest Social (because we had some less-active, recent converts, and part-member families coming). It was fun! 

In Gospel Principals we talked about missionary work. And in Relief Society we talked about Church Leadership and Service (that's where the subject comes from). The talks yesterday were so amazing! They talked about Christ-Like Love or Charity. 1 Cor. 13:3-10 are great verses about Charity and Love. 

I hope everything is going well with everyone and I love hearing from everyone, missionaries, family, and friends. :)

Sister Loosle 

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