Monday, September 30, 2013

I get to take the Sacrament!

Dear Family and Friends, 

First off, transfers are this week! And Drum Roll please! ................ I am staying in Burlington! with Sister Banks! :) And... We're getting a new sister!!!! :) We will be training her, so she is straight from the MTC! 
I am so excited to be training, but I am also very nervous. I know I can do this with the Lord's help, but I am also extremely grateful to the Lord that Sister Banks will still be here to help as well. 

The title for those who have seen (or will see) the General Relief Society Meeting Broadcast was in Sister Burton's talk. (And for those who haven't I encourage you to look up her talk, it was amazing!!!) All of the talks in the broadcast were amazing. I loved every minute of it. And I am so excited for Conference this weekend! (P.S. I need to get MnM's tomorrow, that's how I will keep a little bit of home with me as I watch conference!) 

So last Monday we had Zone Activity again! This time we went to a park and played a bunch of games! Like Ultimate Frisbee, Kickball, and two-hand touch football. It was a lot of fun. (I forgot my SD card converter today, so I'll send a bunch of pictures next week!!!) 

On Tuesday, Elon University had a "Religious Fair". It was an interesting experience. The Elders and us went and just stood at a table and if anyone came up we talked about the church. It was weird because I know why there are so many different religions and why it should not be that way. It was interesting because people were "shopping" for a religion and I love that I grew up in the church. Because I know I never have to do that. Because where ever I go, where ever I may end up, the gospel of Jesus Christ will be the same in every Latter-day Saint church building. 

Bike week started on Wednesday! It really is a lot of fun to ride our bikes and we get to talk with so many more people, because we can just stop (and it's not super weird and awkward like in a car) to talk with them. 

Hannah is our progressing investigator! And we are so excited for her. She came to church yesterday and as far as I could tell had a great time! We met her last Sunday as a referral from her boyfriend and his family (who are members). We are so excited to see her progress towards baptism. 

My favorite talk at the broadcast was President Monsons. He is so amazing and I love the way he talks about us as daughters and about his wife. 

I am super excited to meet my new companion tomorrow! And also the Elders in Burlington are getting another companion, so they'll be 6 missionaries in the Burlington ward! 

Love you all!! 

Sister Loosle 

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