Monday, September 9, 2013

Faith to Find

Good Morning Family and Friends! :) 

This month for our District and Zone Meetings we are focusing on the Faith to Find. Meaning the Faith we need to find people to teach. In Preach My Gospel chapter 9, it talks about this principal and how Faith is a principal of finding. 

This week has been thrown off for me because last week P-Day was Tuesday, but hopefully I'll be back on schedule soon! 

We started bikes again on Wednesday. And it's been a long week! Let me just say I hope by the end of my mission my legs have nice muscles! Also I hope my legs have a nice tan as well because I can start to see a tan line from my shoes :P But we'll see! 

We saw Dagmar on Wednesday with Sister Moore. We talked a lot about Baptism and Confirmation. We asked her to pray for a date to be baptized on. The lesson was so powerful and the spirit was so strong! However the next day she texted us with concerns about Joseph Smith. We were hoping to see her and help her understand the truth from the lies, but we did not get the chance. We're still praying for it, so at least we can help her understand the different things. 

Last week we went proselyting at the park,it was interesting, but we did find a potential investigator and on Thursday we taught her with Sister Gaynier. She's so great! And we have another appointment with her this week. She has 2 sons, and they were actually quiet and listening (for the most part) during the lesson. 

Friday was Zone Meeting, which are always great! I did a 5-8 minute training on our purpose and Doctrine and Covenants Section 4. I think I did well, at least my companion and the other missionaries think so too. I got done sanctifying Facebook on Friday as well! :) So I'm rewarding myself today with Ice Cream :) We met an older lady named Dot, who is crazy! But she's really funny! We taught her the Plan of Salvation, but I'm pretty sure when we went back on Saturdayshe barely remembered who we were. But that's okay, we'll still try to help where we can. 

On Saturday we taught Ashley (a referral from the Elders) with Sister Zelaya (she's leaving for her mission in October, and going to Boise Idaho). It was a great lesson! We taught the Restoration, well reminded her of it, because she's met with missionaries before. 

Church yesterday was so amazing! Sister Banks gave a wonderful talk on Strengths and Weaknesses. And then Sister Banks and I, The Burlington Elders, and The Gibsonville Elders (so our whole district) sang "Come Thou Font, of Every Blessing" as the intermediate Hymn. It was so powerful! We really have amazing talents in our district. 

We met two of the Elon College students that are members yesterday as well. Katherine, who has beautiful red curly hair and Taralee, who's a new freshman. They are both Theater majors, which it was fun to talk to them about the different plays they've been in and I've been in. It also got me thinking about how much I really do love theater and how I might want to pursue it after my mission, but who knows! 

Missionaries Do Have Fun:
Two P-Day's ago, it was a member of the Bishoprics birthday, so the Elders and us went to his house (and thankfully his niece was there). She let us in and we ballooned and streamered his front room! It was fun, but then he knew it was us, so every other day he's been putting balloons outside each of our different apartment doors. And Saturday morning he left Lemon Poppy Seed muffins as well (which were delicious! :) )

Well that's all I have to say this week! :) I hope y'all are doing great and have a great week! 

Sister Loosle 

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