Tuesday, July 1, 2014

One Year Down

Well as y'all have guessed and some have already emailed me about it, I hit my year mark. It's crazy that I can say, "A year ago I was a missionary." But it's true!

The wonderful thing was that on Thursday (my year mark) we had Zone Conference! It was fantastic! Sister Craven talked about all the "One Line Sermons" she and President Craven have. I've talked about a few before and will probably talk about some more later in mission, life, etc. President talked about being Purpose Driven instead of Activity Driven. When we're purpose driven we always have our purpose in mind and are consistently trying to help other come closer to Christ, when we're activity driven we are just going through the motions.

Also I went a whole year without being really sick, until Saturday! 1 year and 2 days! Although I was sick and took it easy on Saturday we were still able to see 2 less-actives and go to dinner with a member. Then I went to bed early and I was fine by Sunday! :)

This week we started teaching the whole Lunceford family! :) Sister Lunceford's daughter, Annabelle, is staying with them for a few weeks over the summer. We taught all of them (Sister Lunceford, Brother Lunceford <non-member>, Annabelle, and their 3 other kids) the Plan of Salvation. And they each colored their own. Oh and I created my own Plan of Salvation and Gospel of Jesus Christ, they're not the best, but they'll work til the end of my mission.

So we're at the church right now, but I forgot my camera :( So these are pictures from Sister Mouristen's camera. When we come again, I'll hopefully remember it!

Sister Loosle

When we biked in the rain and got soaked!

At the park having lunch

"Every area can be a Kingston!" - President Monson

Our giant Cupcakes!

Heart Attack Sister Lunceford

Dinosaurs at an Elementary School 

Leighann's Baptism

 Sister Mouritsen's Minion Cupcakes for her Birthday! (I know you're jealous!) We made them! :)

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