Monday, July 7, 2014

Can you say "More Bike Problems?"

I think I'm prone to bike problems. But that's why I have a trusty companion who knows all about bikes (until it's something she can't fix :P)

So we started this week by handing off Jordan to the Elders. He's great, but he's our age, so we figured it might be better if the Elders taught him.

July started... Gah! We taught Fern, she's fun! We taught her about the Book of Mormon and helped her to see he difference between The Bible. A lot of people here think that the Book of Mormon is just another version of The Bible. But that's what happens when there X amount of versions of The Bible.

So Wednesday we started Bike week... Get ready because this is going to be an adventure! So we give the elders the car and start heading out for the day. Well my bike starts making weird noises when I'm riding it. So I yell to Sister Mouritsen, who's a bike genius, and we pull into a parking lot. She rides round on it and figures its something she can easily fix. We go back tot eh apartment where her tools are. She tells me that my pedals are loose. Okay... That means nothing to me, but I'll watch you and see if I can help. So she starts taking my pedals off. But we can't get one of them off! (Yes I know one of the you have to turn it the opposite way and it still doesn't work!). So we go to the office and ask the Maintenance man if he can help. He tried, but no go. So we have them search for "Bike Shops" in Kernersville and it's right by our next appointment. So we get the address and switch bikes, because I don't want to ride the broken one. And head off.

Well after teaching the Lunceford's a great lesson on the Book of Mormon and incorporating the Plan of Salvation, we head to the Bike Shop. We get there and it's a Bike Shop, but not a Bicycle Shop. It's a Motor Bike Shop. Turns out Kernersville and no bicycle shops. So we call a member who knows bikes and he comes over to see if he can figure out what's wrong and fix it. Well he didn't bring the right tools so he took Tarzan (that's my bikes name) to his house. Well now we only have one bike and appointments we need to get to, so we ask the Elders if we can barrow one of their bikes. The only problem is that they both have huge mountain bikes (like most elders) and we have smaller girl bikes. But Sister Mouritsen loves mountain bikes, so she rides one and I ride her bike.

Zone Meeting on Thursday was great! We learned about how Jurassic Park relates to the gospel. You see at one point in the movie the people are trapped inside a building completely surrounded by velociraptors and there's no way out. Then out of no where the giant T-Rex comes and scares the velociraptors away. The velociraptors are like our fears. They trap us. He T-Rex is our faith, it scatters our fears. Faith and fear cannot co-exist in the same place.

After Zone Meeting Sister Mouritsen got a flat tire on the Elders bike. I am thoroughly convinced that Satan didn't want us to be out doing missionary work this week! But we prevailed!

Oh I got Adam's package! It was cute! :)

Friday - Happy 4th of July! Well I got to see fireworks last 4th but not this one. All the trees block them. I could hear them though! But we stopped by a gas station because I needed a bathroom break, and if you know me, you know I rarely go into a store without buying candy or something. So I was in line to buy some candy. I put my candy on the counter and the man behind me puts his beers on the counter and says "I'm going to pay for theirs." So my candy got paid for with beer. But nonetheless it was a very kind act and I want to do that someday. We gave him a card, but he didn't seem to interested in wanting to know more.

So Saturdays in my mission are designated "Car Fast Days". Which mean we fast from the car. So we had to give the elders back their bike. So we were walking. I DO NOT like walking. At all. As we headed for our first appointment, Sister McNeill passed us and gave us a ride! Miracle! Then Brother Johnson offered (after we got permission from President of course) to drive us and Tarzan to Greensboro to the bike shop. Well we get there and they tell me I wore out my Bottom Brackets. So now I have to spend money :P but Brother Johnson and Bishop have the tools so all I need is the part! Another Miracle! After dinner we go to Heathers, who's not there. But we knock on Garry's door and he is so ready! We talk with him briefly about the Book of Mormon and Restoration and set a time to come back when his daughters are home. So even though is week was crazy, we still were able to see The Lords hand in our lives.

The Relief Society lesson yesterday was on the article in this months Ensign called, Becoming Perfect in Christ. It was amazing. And I invite everyone to read it. Here's the link!

Sorry for the monologue! Hope y'all's weeks were amazing! And don't forget to look for The Lords hand in your life! It's there, I promise!

- Sister Loosle -
  2 Nephi 2:28
Look to the Mediator!

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