Monday, July 21, 2014

Bug Bites, Miracles, and Transfers

So much to talk about and so little time.

First the miracle and the bug bites. Last Monday, I was emailing Jaqui (my old roommate) about how I had been trying to take Vitamin B pills because it's said that it'll help you not get bitten. I said they worked and then Monday night I got 20+ bites! (On the anniversary of getting my 70+ bites last year, irony?) But they were worth it because we were teaching John, who just moved back to Kernersville to be closer to family and is looking for a church. :) it was a great lesson!

Another miracle that happened this week was as follows:

Sister Mourtisen and I decided to draw the Plan of Salvation on one of the park sidewalks in town. You always hope it'll go better than it does. We talked with one man, but he wasn't interested. We had another appointment we needed to get to so we start walking back to our car (about 2 blocks away). As we're walking to the stop light to cross the street we hear someone yell, "HEY!" But we ignore it. We cross the street and on the other side a woman waves her arms trying to get out attention. She tries to ask us a question, but we can't hear her with the traffic. So she runs across the street and asks, as she's out of breathe, "Are you LDS?" We hesitantly say "yes". She then proceeds to tells us that she went to church in DC, and once or twice here, but here wasn't so welcoming. She also says that she's never seen Sisters in Kernersville. And asks when we can meet, so we set up a time for the next day. At this point we think she's a less active that was lost, but now is found! But as we met the next day, she never got baptized. Her name is Meg and she really has a testimony of the gospel. She knows it's true. I've never seen a non-member with such a strong conviction of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. She also told us that earlier in the week she had had a dream about reading the Book of Mormon in Jacob and when we saw us walking she couldn't ignore the spirit telling her to catch us. It wad the best miracle I've ever seen on my mission! It's what every missionary hopes for! :)

And now for transfers -- yes I am getting transferred. I don't know where I'll found out tomorrow, so I'll tell y'all next week. But Kernersville has been fun. I'm going to miss it. But wherever I go, I'm needed. The gospel is true wherever you are! :)

- Sister Loosle -
  2 Nephi 2:28
Look to the Mediator!

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