Monday, March 3, 2014

Having a Brightness of Hope

Dear Family and Friends,

This week has been perfect for studying hope. As I've studied I've learned about how hope, as the world sees it, is unsure. You hope for something that might happen. But when The Lord talks about hope, it is steady, unwavering. You hope for things that will come to pass. Like eternal life.

So funny story now... As we were moving in last week, we were washing clothes and I wanted to listen to music, so I shut the laundry room door. Not thinking anything of it, until the washer stopped and Sister Reading went to go switch the clothes. Well she couldn't get the door open. Apparently the washer had moved and blocked us from getting inside. After trying to maneuver the washer and dryer away from the door through the probably 4 inch crack we could get the door open, we stopped trying and called the Elders. Well this wasn't the first time this had happened. But it will be the last. Because on Tuesday we went to the office to introduce ourselves and told the apartment manager. So she sent the fixer guy over and he worked on it for a bit and then decided to break the door down. So he took off the door and we just told him to put it in our storage so we wouldn't have that happen again. So it's all good now!

Plus we have like legit food storage because the elders left tons of canned food. (Picture attached).

On Friday we taught Tonya (the Jehovah's Witness) and the first 20 mins were the PERFECT first lesson! All my missionary friends can image that. It was just wonderful! Short powerful statements. Good questions for understanding and applying to her life. But then at the end we asked if she had any other questions and she went off about something. I hope she remembers the first 20 mins and the spirit that was there. Sigh.

Miracle Story!! :)
Also on Friday we were unlocking our bikes to head back home from a less actives apartment complex and we see some people walking around, so we talk to a few of them. Well we meet Brian from Colorado. We talked to him about the church. He grew up 7th Day Adventist, but doesn't go to church anymore. He said he wants to move to Utah (for some reason :P jusskiddin' Utah's great!!) when he goes back to Colorado. He was visiting his brother and son here. Anyway!! We gave him a card with our number on it and invited him to visit the website. He said he knew where the Mormon church was in his home town and when he gets back, he's going to go! Well fast forward to Sunday! He called us! And left a message saying how much we helped his faith strengthen. We called him back that night and had a great lesson on the power of the atonement and how much God loves each of us. He's going to go to church in Aspen this week and we're going to Facebook him later! The promise is so true from Preach My Gospel! God will lead you to them, or He will lead them to you!

Saturday!!! Brother McNeill was baptized! Sister McNeill was so happy! And the service was so amazing! Now they can prepare to be sealed. I just love that. I can't wait to hear about it, or a maybe even come back for it! We'll see!

Oh Sunday, how I love thee!! Chris (recent convert from Burlington) facebooked me and said he got the Priesthood yesterday! So exciting! And Brother McNeill was confirmed!

Don't forget to study Charity and Love! :)

I love you all! :)

- Sister Loosle's iPad

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