Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Happy Birthday Dad!!! :)

Dear family and friends,

We were suppose to have Zone Meeting on Friday, BUT!! On Thursday night it started icing! Like snowing, but with ice! It started around 6 or 7ish. It didn't stop until after 2 in the afternoon on Friday. So no Zone Meeting! We stayed in the apartment almost all day long, because the roads had ice all over them and we could do anything! It was so boring!! Plus! The power went out around 10:30AM Not fun! But we made the best of it! By dinner time the roads had been plowed and the power was back on (for us) so we went to a members home for dinner.

However on Sunday we found out that a lot of North Carolina still doesn't have power, including the Stake Center and other buildings, so they came to our ward! Which made our ward huge on Sunday! (Like regular Sunday in Austin).

We started teaching Kaitlyn (Sister Forlines granddaughter). She 8 (and yes we got parents permission). We're hoping that she understands what's going on and what we're teaching her. This was her 3rd Sunday at church! :) and Sister Forlines loves coming!

Miracle!! Ella and her mom AND her dad came to church on Sunday! We had to cancel our appointment with her this week because of the ice. So we really weren't expecting her to come. But while we were talking to people before sacrament meeting she came up to us and said she had a surprise for us! Her parents had brought her and they were staying! Miracle! Sister Whitfield has been really nervous to come back to church (after not coming for a while), while Brother Whitfield is not a member. He use to be investigating the church, but stopped a few weeks before I got here.

Speaking of getting here, next week is transfers. They keep coming up way too fast. I feel like I got to Kernersville yesterday! But I'll let you know next week what's happening!

I love you all!!

Happy Birthday Dad and Adam!!

- Sister Loosle's iPad

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