Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas!!! :)

Merry Christmas Friends and Family!

I just love this holiday season where everyone is happy and in a such a giving mood.  Let me start off by saying this is being typed on my iPad because the college is closed for the holiday and I am so glad we have iPads right now because going to the public library would just be a mess! So this letter won't be as in depth or detailed about

This week has just been a wonderful one! First off, Christopher was baptized on Saturday and confirmed Yesterday! It was so wonderful! But I'll get to that in a bit!

I want to thank everyone who sent me letters and gifts! I just got a package from the Young Women in Sunset Valley! I'm excited to open those presents! Grandma - thank you! And also all my cousin who helped her put that together! I love all the little notes!

Sister (Jane) Parsons said Elder (Jarom) Parsons got home this past week! What a great Christmas present! But I also cannot believe he is home! It feels like yesterday he left, 2 years/18 months do fly by! The day after Christmas will be my 6 months! Crazy!

On Wednesday, Chris had his interview with Elder Eckersley. I was so nervous! But he passed (like its a test :P). So we started really telling people that his baptism is on Saturday! We taught Sister Hinrichs (the less-active who came to church last week), she's so great! And she came again this week and brought her granddaughter.

Saturday - the BEST DAY EVER!!!! So after studies we went out and taught 3 lessons, and they all went super great! Then we went to the baptism. So first off we didn't know we we're suppose to tell Chris to bring white clothes (to be baptized in). So 10 mins before the baptism is suppose to start we're frantically trying to find something that will fit him and we finally find something that will work. So he gets dressed and we start (20 mins late). But after that fiasco everything went so wonderfully! Brother Keel baptized Chris and while they were changing we watched the Restoration. I absolutely love it! Because Chris really lives in Caswell ward (and they got missionaries this week) he'll be taught the new member lessons by them. And his mom, step-dad, and brother came. They said they had a good time and we're asking the Caswell Elders some good questions! I love baptism. And being a part of their conversion process makes them so much better. I know the gospel is true!

After the baptism we went to the Ward Christmas Party. It was fun!

Sunday, because Chris is in the Caswell ward, we were not able to be present for his confirmation, but we met with him after our church for a few minutes and talked to him about it. He said when he got up on Sunday he felt different. I know that is because he was baptized by the Priesthood Power.

In Relief Society our lesson was on Elder Holland's talk "Lord, I Believe" from the April General Conference. I love that he says, "If you only desire to believe, it is enough". How true it is! Faith is so simple, but so complex. You can have strong faith in one thing about the gospel, but are struggling with something else. But that is why we have the church, why we have friends in the church, with different strengths and weaknesses. We all help each other out.

Last night we had "Christmas in Greensboro" with our Zone, the Assistants, President and Sister Craven, and the Elders and Sister in the office (senior couples). It was so fun! We had dinner at the Stake Center and then played "Jeopardy". The categories were: Book of Mormon, Preach My Gospel, Craven, NCCM (North Carolina Charlotte Mission), and Misc. It was so much fun! We were split up in groups of 6 or 7 missionaries. But it wasn't just jeopardy, it was charades and taboo too! My group had to sing the entire mission song by heart A Capella. It was funny! I was the only Sister in my group, so when we stood up to sing I felt really short! And only 2 of the Elders knew the words, so it was like a trio singing! But it was still fun! Then we went to the chapel to close and have some testimonies. We bore our testimonies on our Doctrine of Christ study of the Book of Mormon. And I had the opportunity to bear my testimony! It was such a great experience! Reading the Book of Mormon and searching for the Doctrine of Christ in every verse. It really testifies of Him! I love the Book of Mormon so much!

Love y'all and Merry Christmas from North Carolina!

- Sister Loosle's iPad

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