Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy Early New Year! :)

So first of all I cannot believe that in less than 48 hours it will be 2014! It is just so crazy to think that. I wonder where the last 5 years of my life went! 
But this year has been so amazing! From receiving my mission call to North Carolina to coming here to Burlington to everything in between! I've loved every minute of it. 
This week has been a whole roller coaster of emotions!
Tuesday - Christmas Eve - we had dinner with the Frei Family. They are so wonderful! We helped them make a BUNCH of Mexican food for dinner. It was so fun! They also got us stockings full of gifts. Including crocheted earrings, yes crocheted! I'll have to send a picture sometime, but we'll see. We also went caroling as a district! It was so fun! :) 

Wednesday - I hope y'all know it was Christmas. The best Christmas present I got was to Skype with my family! :) I almost didn't recognize some of my brothers, which that'll probably happen again on Mothers Day and when I get home. We made cookies for our neighbors, trying to be good neighbors, but no one answered their doors :( 

Thursday - My 6 month mark! I CANNOT believe that I have been gone for that long. It feels like I left yesterday. But time really does fly. We saw Bill, one of our investigators. He told us he wanted to read the entire Book of Mormon before we taught him. So we stop by occasionally and teach him, without him knowing that we're teaching him. He likes his church, but he said if he had heard about the Mormons when he was in his 20s or 30s he would have joined! 

Friday - We saw a less-active, Sister Rippy, she is CRAZY! She asked us to help her by going with her to the hospital to drop something off. First off, she had surgery on her hip about 2 or 3 months ago and hasn't driven since then and wasn't suppose to drive. We did not know that until we were half way to the hospital. Then she asked if we had time to go pick up some milk with her. Before we could even answer she says, "yeah I think you have time." So we go to the store and but milk and cereal, and soup. Then she needs to drop off some money at the bank. Then she needs to send something off to her grandson at the post office. Needless to say we spent about 2 1/2 hours with her, when we only wanted to stop by and share a 10 minute thought with her. 

Saturday - We BIKED SO MUCH!!! It was like non-stop biking all day because we had so many potentials we wanted to see. For the first time in probably 7 months I had McDonald's, because we started biking at 10 AM right after studies and didn't get home until 5:30 for dinner and McD's was the closest restaurant to where we were. Okay not really, but it was the only one I could handle eating at. I mean we have to have some standards right? :P 

Sunday - Can I just say I absolutely LOVE Sundays! :) I was the only missionary in our ward that didn't speak yesterday. But the Elders and Sister Perez did a wonderful job! :) Sacrament Meeting was all about Missionary Work. 

I know the true gospel of Jesus Christ is Restored. There is no doubt in my mind. If I didn't know this church was true, I could not be spending 18 months of my life out here. 

I love y'all! :) 

Sister Loosle 

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