Monday, December 9, 2013

80 in December?

So as you know, last week we got snow, well this week it was 80 degrees one day! I thought the weather in Texas was bi-polar! OH NO! North Carolina is worse! It was below 32 on Saturday and by Tuesday it was 80! Then this week it was 70 on Friday and by Saturday night it was freezing! 
I might go insane because of the weather! 
But the work is still worth it! 
So transfers are next week, we'll find out on Saturday what's happening. So if you send me anything this week send it before Tuesday or send it to the mission home! 
I started a new journal and forgot to bring my old one, so I don't remember a lot of what happened at the beginning of the week. Ops! 
I know we had interviews on Tuesday and that was good! 
I got my Christmas package! Thank you family! :) I was kind of mad when I opened it and everything was wrapped :P But I'll just have to wait until Christmas :P 
On Saturday night the ward had their annual "Drive Thru Live Nativity" They set it up in the church parking lot and the youth are the actors. They stand still as the cars drive by. There are 5 scenes. 
  1. Mary and the Angel 
  2. Mary and Joseph with the donkey
  3. The Angel and the Shepherds
  4. The Stable with Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus
  5. The Wise Men
It was so neat! The missionaries help out at the entrance and exist! Sister Perez and I stood at the entrance and told cars to turn off their lights and welcomed them. The Elders were at the exist reminding people to turn on their lights and gave them pass-along cards. It was so neat! 
Sunday - Guess what?! I sang again! :P I swear I'm going to sing more times on my mission than I have off! I did a duet with Elder Ebert of "O Little Town of Bethlehem". We got signed up by Brother Keel (2nd Councilor). But it was good. 
I got to watch the Christmas Devotional! It was so amazing! but weird too because it wasn't just the First Presidency. We watched it with Sister Mebane (a less-active) because they didn't broadcast it at the church because of the weather! 
Oh yeah! Speaking of that we only had sacrament meeting yesterday because of the weather! It was threatening an ice storm. The other wards didn't have any church, which is sad. This is only the second time I've ever been somewhere where church has been canceled (or part of it.) 
Love y'all! 
Sister Loosle 

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