Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas will be spent in. . . . . .

Well Friends and Family I am excited to say that my Christmas this year will be spent in . . . 

BURLINGTON! :) That's right! I'll be spending yet another transfer here! :) I was so nervous on Saturdayjust waiting for the call to come! And our District Leader didn't call us until Sunday morning! And I was in the shower!!! So Sister Perez told me once I got out that neither of us were leaving! I was relieved! 
So for the rest of my week. . . 
I honestly don't remember a lot of what happened. My friend Sister Eborn (in Sweden) sent an email that I read today that said it perfectly! As missionaries we don't remember what really happens in our weeks! That's why we have planners! (and a journal for myself!) 
Monday night we started our bike week and what do you know, it stopped raining when we went out to bike! It was perfect! :) We taught Chris that night, and it was great! We talked about the Priesthood and why it is so important to be worthy to give blessings. The Power verses the Authority of the Priesthood. 
Tuesday - well I forgot to say this last week, but Happy Belated Birthday Greg! It also hit me that in 2 months I will be turning 20. Not to mention, Sister Anderson (in Korea) said her birthday is this week (Happy Birthday!) which means everyone else's birthdays are around the corner! Anyway! It stopped raining on Tuesday and didn't rain again until Saturday! :) We biked forever on Tuesday! But we found 2 new investigators, Shanetta and Tyrone. But later in the week they weren't home for their appointments, so we'll try this week! :) 
Wednesday we helped Sister Miranda paint her sister's house! It was so much fun! I love painting! And giving service! We taught Chris again in the Frei's home, about the Articles of Faith and Obedience. 
Thursday - The best thing, okay not really, but it is pretty neat, happened! We officially got Mini-iPads. Yes, every single missionary in the North Carolina Charlotte Mission got mini-iPads. You can be jealous for a minute, but don't worry, I'm predicting by 2016 all missionaries in the United State will have them, but I don't know about foreign missions yet. 

    Anyway some good (and bad) things about the iPads: 

  1. No more GIANT Area Books. - Everything is online now. Right after each lesson you can update the teaching record and not have to worry about it later. It definitely keeps us more accountable. 
  2. No more Planners - I was actually sad about this one. I liked making covers for my planners and actually writing things down. (Sister Perez is having hard time with this one too). But this is a way to keep us more accountable to Salt Lake and our mission leaders about what we are doing with our time. 
  3. We have the whole Gospel Library! We can now show Mormon Messages and I'm A Mormon videos right at people's doors! (or in the park or whatever) I personally like this one a lot! Because we also have access to General Conference addresses and other manuals for lessons in Church. 
  4. We don't have to go to the college for Facebook, we can go to anywhere with internet access and just do Facebook there on our iPads. 
  5. Our email is now like our mail box. I can read emails through out the week, but only reply on Mondays (just like a letter). So if you email me before Monday (or Sunday night) I can read them before I come to the college to email (because I like actual key boards when writing a lot of stuff) and then spend less time on email :) and more time replying! :) 
Thursday I also got 2 packages! So it was a pretty good day! :) One from Hunter and one from Nana (Thank you both!) We have so many presents under our tree! (Did I tell you we have a Christmas Tree? I'll send a picture!) 
We also taught Sister Hinrichs who's been less-active for like 10 years, but she came to church oneSunday!! It was so amazing! :) 
Friday! The THIRTEENTH!!! :) Yay! :) We went on exchanges with the Tanglewood Sisters (near Winsten-Salem) Sister Bowman and I were in Tanglewood. Sister Bowman will be going home next transfer (right before my birthday). It was so fun! We ate at a members home who was just so wonderful! And her house was so colorful! I want my future house to be like that! It was colorful, but coordinating! She had a purple and blue table with hot pink chairs. It was so fun!
Saturday we spent a lot of the day driving (Tanglewood is an hour and a half away) and we also went to visit less-actives a half hour away. I'm so confused at people who get offended at church and just stop going. If the gospel is really true, then it doesn't matter what the imperfect people say or do, it matters what your testimony of Jesus Christ and the Restored Gospel is. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint is God's church on the Earth today. He restored it through the Prophet Joseph Smith and nothing anyone ever says to me or does to me can make me deny that. I can't say I know what will happen in the future, but I hope that I will never go less-active because someone "offended" me at church.
Sunday we got the call in the morning and also learned that Elder Ebert and Elder Miles are leaving this area :( But we'll get some more great Elders! Church was fantastic as always! And Chris went to the Caswell ward (that's where he's suppose to go, they don't have missionaries yet so we are teaching him <they'll get missionaries on Tuesday>). And Chris is officially getting baptized on Saturday!!!! :) GAH! I'm so excited for him! :) 
Well I wrote a lot today, so for anyone who actually read through the whole thing, Thank you! And I love you! :) Dearly! :) 
I hope your weeks are full of happiness and miracles! :) 
And may this week before Christmas be wonderful and remember that Christ is the reason we celebrate this wonderful season! :) 
Love y'all!
Sister Miriah Loosle

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