Monday, October 21, 2013

What a Wonderful Preparation Day!

I am so sorry that this letter is so late in the day! I mean I have less than an hour to email today! But it is for a VERY good reason! Elder Zwick from the Presidency of the seventy came to our mission and did a mission conference this morning! It was AMAZING!!!! I learned so much and we got to take pictures with him and his wife! They are so wonderful! 

So that is why this is late because last night we drove all the way down to Charlotte (2 hours) and stayed with the Reedy Creek Sisters. *Sidenote* Sister Nielson, who is serving in Reedy Creek right now while she waits for her visa to go to Brazil is from ... drum roll please ... AUSTIN TEXAS!!! :) I was so happy to hear that! She's in the Round Rock Stake! But we were so surprised when we both said we were from Austin! Anyway back to last night. We stayed at their place and went to the church today for the conference. We made it back to Burlington at 5! I know crazy! But they're giving us an hour to do shopping tomorrow! Thank Goodness! :) 

Well the rest of this week was an alright one. Not the best, and that was partly on my part. Oh I had forgotten to mention in my letter last week that I had a filling fall out and so I got it fixed last Monday. 

This week was bike week and I swear on Saturday we biked 20 miles although the GPS said it was only like 15! But it was a LONG bike ride! To answer the questions, biking in a skirt is not as easy as the Sister Missionaries make it look! 

Yesterday we taught the 14-15 years olds in Sunday School. It was interesting. We taught them about Missionary Work. And I could just see the 14/15 year olds from Sunset Valley in each of them. That was scary! 

I love each of you! And I hope next week I'll have more time to write! 

Love you!

Sister Loosle 

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