Tuesday, October 15, 2013

"Three Suspicious Girls"

Let me start off with the subject because that is a story to tell!

It all started last Friday when we were visiting Sister Tate (an older lady who is only less-active because of her health). She gave us 3 referrals! I know crazy right! Anyway! We started trying to get in contact with these people. One of them, Maddi, we just couldn't catch her when she was home. We tried her probably 4 times this week! This Friday (3 days ago) we had a few minutes before our last appointment at 8, so we decided to go try her again because we were in the area. We knocked on her door and we knew she was home because we saw her shadow! But she didn't answer so we decided to leave a card with our name and number on it. Then we went to our appointment and had a great time.

The Next Day: 

So Saturday morning we had a meeting with the bishop about the ward mission plan at the church. We go and have our meeting, which was a great meeting! The Elders after the meeting tell us a story about how a police man came to the church the night before looking for "3 suspicious girls". The only person in the church on Friday night was the electrician working on the lights. So he talked with the police, but didn't know where we were. The electrician told us this story as well. 

Moral of the Story:

Anyway the moral of the story is to not go knocking at 7:45 at night! 

Back to the rest of my week!

Sister Mebane is a less-active we're working with. She's knows the gospel is true! And she knows she needs to be at church! But she is having a hard time getting there because she was offended. 
We had Zone Conference this week! And it was amazing! President and Sister Craven are just wonderful! 
On Friday we helped out in Seminary! I do not know how I did 4 years of going to bed way later than I do now and getting up way earlier! I was so tired! I think I'm still feeling the effects of it! But it was fun! We taught on Companion Study, the what and why, and how. 
So church yesterday was amazing as always, well I think except for the last probably 20 or so minuets. Why you ask? Well because I had to give a talk! Yes a 20 minute talk! And for those of you who were at my farewell you know I only went 10 minutes when I was suppose to go 12-15. But I am glad to say that I spoke for 20 minutes! I honestly don't think it was that good, I felt scattered all over the place. But everyone I talked to afterwards said it was amazing. So I know that I wasn't the one speaking, but the Lord was speaking through me. 
My topic was "Temptation". Interesting and broad topic. I was going to include my talk, but I really don't feel like writing it all out and I only wrote down key points, not word for word what I was going to say. But the gist of it is:
I started with a story about myself. What story you ask. Well a story of service, of helping Brother Brady at Explore UT. But not just any time, the first time I ate a meal worm. Yes I told that story to the ward, during sacrament meeting. Let me tell you, if they weren't paying attention, they definitely were after that. I also mentioned that I had braces on, which got a audible gasp from the congregation. It was funny! But then I tied that in to we all have weaknesses (mine being competitive and wanting to show that I can do anything boys can do) and Satan uses those to tempt us. I also used how bushing my teeth probably 7 times was the only way to get every little part of the worm out of my braces as a relevance to repentance. Then I went into how if we put on the Armor of God we can withstand temptation and not have a nasty "taste in our mouths". And by doing the 7 things True to the Faith suggests we can keep the Amour of God on. 
  1.  Center our lives on Jesus Christ
  2.  Pray for Strength (D&C 10:5)
  3.  Search the Scriptures Daily
  4.  Fill your life with Goodness
  5.  Avoid Tempting Places and Situations
  6.  Strive to Influence others for good
  7.  Never Hesitate in your decision to do good
And closed with how everything comes down to our agency (2 Nephi 2:27). No matter what we always have the choice to choose good or evil. No one can make us do anything. 
I love you all! 
Sister Loosle 

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