Monday, October 28, 2013

I am A Child of God

Hello! :) 

We are all Children of God. He loves and knows each one of you individually. 

Yesterday was the Primary Program and the theme was "I am A Child of God". It was so amazing! I love little kids! :) And one thing that is really hard being a missionary is you can't hold them. Why I bring that up, because during Primary yesterday all the missionaries in our ward did "Sharing Time!" Sharing time is just an activity for the kids to do during their class. So we taught them how to invite their friends to the "Trunk or Treat" this week! It was so cute! And because the adults were getting trained on "How to share the gospel over social media" during that hour, we stayed for singing time and helped out. I was in charge of the Sunbeams! There are only 2 of them, and they are so cute! (Sunbeams are 3-4). But one of the little girls, Grace (she has red hair and is adorable!), wanted to sit on my lap during singing time. I was so heart-broken when I had to tell her she couldn't because I was a Missionary! But it's okay! Blessing come when you're obedient! 

During Sunday School Sister Perez and I taught the 12-13 year old's, while Sister Banks went to a meeting with the High Councilor over missionary work and the ward missionaries. We taught on the Plan of Salvation. It was great. 

Saturday we were in Charlotte again! Woohoo! (except those who've been on missions and are one missions know that miles this month for us are shot! a trip to Charlotte down and back is 200+ miles!). Anyway it was totally worth it! Elder Kopischke and Elder Parker spoke to us! It was so great! :) 

But the Zone Leaders took the van from us :'( We are now driving a 2013 Ford Fusion. I know it's such a sacrifice from a van to a 2013 Ford Fusion, but we'll have to deal. 

The rest of this week I don't even know what happened because I was so surprised when we were already back in Charlotte on Friday night. Oh and we're going down again on the 31st. Yay miles! :P But it'll be good because it's are trainer/trainee meeting. 

I love and miss you all! 

Sister Loosle  

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