Monday, October 7, 2013


I realized I was suppose to send pictures :P So here they are :) 

Picture 1: The whole district this week! Elders Eckersley,
Whitaker, Miles, Steenson, Ebert, Schowerhamer, and Briggs.
Sisters Banks, Loosle, and Perez.
Picture 2: Our Van! 

Picture 3: The District last Monday in front of Mickey!
Elder Arnold, Elder Steenson, Elder Miles, Elder Ebert,
Sister Loosle, and Sister Banks.
Picture 4: Sister Banks and I out doing work on our bikes
Picture 5: All the Sisters in the Greensboro Zone 
Picture 6: Everyone in the Greensboro Zone!
Picture 7: Before the first transfer, my district:
Elder Briggs, Elder Skousen, Elder Steenson,
Elder Miles, Elder Arnold, Elder Sherer,
Sister Banks, and Sister Loosle 
Picture 8: A little turtle we found!
I hope y'all like them! :) 

Sister Loosle 

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