Monday, June 16, 2014

Fatherhood is a Sacred Service

Happy Father's Day Y'all!

So just as there was a storm in Texas with tornados, Sister Mouritsen is convinced that there were tornados here in North Carolina on Tuesday night. I was in that in between phase of sleep, listening to the rain and thunder, when all of the sudden, she whispers really loudly "Sister Loosle are you awake?" No I'm not,  but now I am. Then as I got up to see what she was talking about with the tornadoes, the power went off. So we really get up and go look at our emergency papers. Then the power flashes back on and off for a final time. There's nothing we can do, so I go back to bed. We found out the next day, Walmart went out of power and lost all their meats, produce, and dairy. And our ward mission leaders neighborhood got hit hard with trees being knocked down. Thankfully his house was fine, but some of his neighbors were not.

So Wednesday, President and Sister Baughan (the stake president and his wife) fed us. I don't know if I've told you, but Sister Baughan is cousins with Darrell Loosle's kids. Well she asked us what we wanted to eat and I've been craving goolash for a while. Well she found a recipe! And it was almost as good as dads! But it made me a little home sick.

Yesterday Bishop spoke on Fathers and his role as a common judge in Israel. It was a fantastic talk. He used a talk from President Benson about fatherhood. I haven't looked it up yet, but I will and let y'all know what it's called.

This week I've been studying more on Gifts and Talents of the Spirit. The greatest thing I've learned thus far is that Charity is a gift of the spirit, but we all need to posses it. Because with it, we are nothing. Pray for charity. Pray for people. Whether or not you like them. That is one of the greatest lessons I've learned thus far on my mission. You can have charity for people you don't know, don't like, or whatever, when you pray for it and really what it.

I love y'all!

- Sister Miriah Loosle -
"Live today like others won't, so you can live tomorrow like others can't."

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