Monday, June 9, 2014

Carport Sales

Family and Friends - you know you're in the south when you see "Carport Sale" signs on Saturday mornings instead of "Garage or Yard Sales". Just sayin'

Last Monday! Was the best PDay ever! We went to the ZOO!!!!!! :) it's in Ashboro which is about 40 mins south east of me. It was fun! We saw baby gorillas and elephants, baboons, lions, and lemurs. The giraffes weren't out :( and we only got to half the zoo because of time. But I am coming back and going to spend the entire day there! When we get to a computer I'll see about sending pictures.

So on Tuesday Sister Mouritsen made pancakes shaped like giraffes and monkeys! It was cute! We met Brother Ogburn today as well. He is so prepared! We went back and taught his wife and him on Friday.

So I almost made it a whole year without replacing anything on my bike! Actually from the time we bought it I think it was a year, but anyway! On Wednesday we started our bike week and went out before lunch, came home to eat, I thought my tire was a little flat, so we pumped it up, to the right PSI, because I had thought it was suppose to be 35 when it really was 65. Anyway! We go out and stop in an area to work. After talking to a member for a bit we get back to our bikes, unlock and move them off the grass. Well my bike was not right. The front tire was completely flat! That's when it was "Sister Mouritsen to the rescue!" She has everything! I'm convicted her bag is like Mary Poppins! Anyway she had a spare tire and some CO2 cartridges. But then they exploded because it was so hot! So we went back to the member to ask for a pump. We got it fixed and we went on our way! It was a fun experience.

Friday was Zone Meeting! And I got moms package! It was cute! Thanks!

Saturday - Transfer calls - well after going to dinner with some members, we check the phone to find a missed call from President! So we get home, my stomach is on the floor, my heart is pounding, my thoughts are running, and I can't sit still, but I can't stand because my head is light. We call him back and he says, "Sisters it's good to hear from you. It's always nerve recking when you get a call from your mission president the Saturday before Tuesday transfers, but can I tell your I pocket dialed you?" I was so relieved! He then proceeded to tell us that we were both staying! It was interesting.

Sunday -  the best day and the worst day ever. The started off as normal, wake up 6:30 am get ready, eat breakfast, etc. Start studies at 8 am. Then it got interesting, at 8:10 we get a phone call from bishop. I answer the phone and he asks if I'd be willing to be the youth speaker, because they just called him saying they were sick. Sure why not? So I hang up and Sister Mouritsen gives me this big grin. What? "Remember who's speaking today?" No I don't. "Elder Parker of the Seventy". What?!?! Gah!!!! I'm speaking with an general authority! But I did it. In 40 mins or less I wrote a talk. Everyone said it was good, so that's good. I talked about Teaching with the Spirit. Then Brother Baughan, who's leaving for his mission in 3 days, talked about the Plan of Salvation. And Elder Parker spoke about the sacrament and how we are all family.

I love you all!

- Sister Miriah Loosle -
2 Nephi 2:8 -- it is our duty to share the Gospel! So Share it! :)

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