Monday, April 7, 2014

"One Should Not Roam Through Garbage!"

Familia and Amigos,

Who knew April would be here so fast, and with April comes conference! Conference is a great spiritual rejuvenation! If you haven't seen ALL the sessions, they are already putting them up on, so go! :)

This week was so great! Mostly the second half of the week, so we'll talk about that!

We went on exchanges with Sister Nelson and Sister Nielson. Yup, they're companions. Sister Nielson came to Kernersville with me and we had a great time! We met some less-actives we haven't gotten a hold of before. And found some new investigators. Some solid and others not so much.

Zone Meeting was Friday, so this weekend was just a spiritual high all-day, e'ery-day! The Assistance were there and one of them, Elder Steed, sat in on my role play. It was nerve racking, but he had some great insights.

We also saw Kaitlyn, with Sister Wagner and Katherine, who's Kaitlyn age (the only girl at church). It was great! We taught the 10 commandment with hand-signs. I'll have to show y'all when I get home.
Then we saw Ella and committed her to be Baptized! She's 10, moms a member, dad's not. But she has the strongest testimony ever! Well we asked her when she thought she could be ready, "today, Tomorrow, next week, next month, a year?" And she said, "next week". Well all of us were in shock, so we were like, "how about you pray about it." Which her parents liked. So she's Rating about the 12th and the 19th.

Now CONFERENCE! Where to even begin? I loved everything! I think the first session is my favorite overall. But I loved everything! My favorite quotes, as you can see, is from Elder Marcos A. Aidukaitis. But I loved everything!

So not a lot happened that you all don't already know about. So... Sorry this is a short email! But I'm replying to everyone else's emails too! :)

Love you! Miss you!

- Sister Miriah Loosle -
2 Nephi 2:8 -- it is our duty to share the Gospel! So Share it! :)
Picture is the Sisters in my District! :)

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