Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter! :D

Dear Fam and Friends!

A lot happened this week, so I'll go day by day again.

Monday - We had a Zone Activity in High Point. We went bowling and played Chair Soccer at the Church Building. It was really fun, until the next day when I was sore! We had a great lesson with the McNeill's and Sister Idol. We read 3 Nephi 18 and talked about the sacrament and how we are renewing our baptismal covenants every week. When Sister Idol took us home she let us go through her "Goodwill" pile in the back of her car. If I'm completely honest, for a 69 year old she has a REALLY GOOD STYLE! I got a few *cough 10* shirts, and a couple cardigans :P but hey a girl needs new clothes once in a while, and they were free!

Tuesday - We went the the Bishop's Storehouse in the Colfax area (really it's in Greensboro City). That's always fun! Well when we got home, I did not feel good! My stomach was upset all day after that, so we didn't do much. BUT! Christy, the Elders investigator, wanted us to call her, because she needed someone she could better relate to. She's so great! So we taught her about the Atonement and Book of Mormon over the phone. THEN! At about 8:30ishPM we decide to go get the mail. Mind you the temperature had dropped from 70 to 40 or lower in matter of a couple hours. Well I bundle up and look like a homeless person, because I don't feel well and I'm sick! I'm still wearing a skirt, but I put on sweats underneath and a huge jacket, a couple of layers actually. So I don't look "dignified". But I don't care at this point, we're going to the mailbox and back. Well of course there's someone else getting their mail. I don't feel like talking, but the missionary in me, and the nice person I am, just says hi and how are you? Well then we actually start talking! And it turns out he wants to get back into church, because his dad was a pastor and died a couple of years ago. But he works on Sundays. So he said, "Y'all can bring me the word!" Of course we can! So right there, as is look homeless, we teach a 6 minute restoration. And give him a Book of Mormon. Oh and his name is Mark Anthony, no not the famous one, that'd be neat though. So we're excited to teach him again this week.

Wednesday - We got the CAR! We started teaching Leighann again. And on Wednesday we taught a fantastic lesson on the restoration! She was really into it. She's 12 and is just so spiritual. She wants to learn more about Christ so she can share her knowledge with others. We invited her to be Baptized on May 17th and she's excited for it. She doesn't completely understand it yet, but I'm confident that she'll learn and grow and be a wonderful Young Woman.

Thursday - Zone Conference! I got called on Wednesday afternoon asking if I'd sing with a group. Sure! I love singing! :) so we had to be at Zone Conference at 8:07AM, which means we had it get up at 5:45. Gah! I don't know how I got less than 8 hours of sleep for 5 years. Anyway! We sang "How Firm A Foundation" verses 1, 2, and 7. Zone Conference was fantastic! I learned so much! And I love seeing President and Sister Craven! I got a package from Celeste! :) Thank you! I'll send a card when I have time!

Friday - It was alright. We saw Sister Youngs and showed her the Because of Him video. If you haven't seen it! Go to my Facebook right now and watch it! And then share it!  Oh we spend an hour in the hospital again! Our district leader said that should be a key indicator for us! Kelly was in the hospital. She had pneumonia. She's so sweet though and so strong. She was suppose to get out yesterday, but she had to stay at least one more night, maybe two, we shall see.

Saturday - Mariztella has her farewell! I can't believe she's leaving for her mission.   I don't know if I told you, but she's going to California Sacramento, Spanish Speaking. She's from the Philippines and speaks Tagalog and English, so she's learning Spanish in the Mexico MTC. She got her call a month ago and is leaving in two days! I'm glad I had four months, even if they were super long! And she gave such a great talk! I remember that like it was yesterday, and forever ago. 10 months had gone in the blink of an eye.

Sunday - HAPPY EASTER! :) I love Easter! I think it's my favorite holiday, because everything is so bright and colorful and everyone is cheery and thinking of Jesus! The Because of Him video that the Church produced was so good. Seriously everyone needs to see it. It's on and So go now! And then tell me your thoughts! I love the Atonement. It's such a beautiful thing to consider. What the Savior did for you personally. I wish I could just show you my brain so you could see how I feel and my thoughts on it. Everything was focused on the Savior yesterday, which was so perfect! The talks were on the Atonement and they were so good. The music that the choir and musical numbers were just perfect! Gah! I hope everyone had a great Easter Program. In Sunday School we talked about Faith in Jesus Christ. I was asked to share a personal experience on faith. There's a lot, but this is the one I shared:

"When I was just a couple of months out on my mission, I got an email from my dad. In it he told me he had been laid off from a job. My mom had quit her job at the beginning of the year, so my family went to no income. When I first read the email, I didn't know what to do. I thought maybe I could go home and work, to help my parents out. The faith my parents have in Jesus Christ and the covenants they've made amazes me still. After emailing my dad and talking to him about it and also talking to my mission president, I realized that I needs to stay out here, because they were receiving so many more blessings because of it. But the story doesn't end there. Because faith is active. My parents started putting resumes and applications everywhere they could, actively putting their faith to the test, that as they did their part, God would do His. I know my parents are being blessed because of it. Because of their Faith In Christ."

Then Relief Society was on The Significance of The Sacrament. Here are some questions to ponder (and share if you'd like):

  • How do you prepare for the sacrament?
  • What does the sacrament mean to you?

I have a testimony of the sacrament and it's purifying power. It's is a renewal of our covenants that we made at baptism. And if we go to the sacrament table with a broken heart and contrite spirit, taking our sins, guilts, shames, weaknesses, and whatnots, Christ can make us whole again.

Well our Christlike Attribute study is "over", not really because we're all working on them continually. But here are my thoughts on Obedience:

Obedience is Key! Really everything falls into obedience. When we are obedient we have Faith, hope, charity, virtue, patience, we want to gain more knowledge, and be more humble. And most of all when we are obedient we are being diligent. Obedience is central to all the Christlike Attributes. My talk I prepared for Zone Conference was on Obedience, based on Elder Hales talk, "If Ye Love Me, Keep my Commandments". I also really loved the last question in the scripture study on Obedience, about the Army of Helaman. It's gives the references Alma 56:24-28 and Alma 57:21-27. I've always loved the story of the 2,000 stripling warriors and their faith and obedience to their leaders and parents. It was with "exactness", because of their "exceeding great faith". Obedience brings blessings, exact obedience brings miracles.

As I've been studying these last 9 weeks, I've learned so much about all of the Christlike Attributes. One of the greatest things is at they are all connected. They intertwine of beautiful, sometimes it's hard to tell them apart, or just work on one. Because I've seen as I've worked on one, others improve as well.

Sister Loosle

- Sister Miriah Loosle -
2 Nephi 2:8 -- it is our duty to share the Gospel! So Share it! :)

This is Baby Joy. She is so cute! And one reason I can't wait
to get home is to hold babies again! :P

My Easter Outfit and Easter Basket from the Polus'

Beautiful North Carolina Spring! And well me :P

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