Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Transfers again!

Hello All!

Well the transfer is here again! It's been another 6 weeks. Our District here is changing a lot. All 8 of us are going to Charlotte tomorrow. Well actually Elder Ibarra isn't. He's just going to Ashboro to be a District Leader half way through the transfer because the District Leader there is leaving half way through the transfer. But the rest of us 7 are heading down to Charlotte. Our apartment right now is a total mess! Because one of us is packing. Can you guess who is leaving?

Well if you said me... You... Are...


I'm staying to K-ville for another transfer! At least!

We got anti-ed this week. Not fun. We totally got set up by this guy. But I remained calm and just bore pure testimony. Afterward Sister Reading and I got blessings from the Elders. Which made me feel so much better. And I realized, also as I reread my Patriarchal Blessing, that the Priesthood is restored. It is the power of God on Earth. Elder Hughes, while giving me my blessing said something that I needed to hear and only God would know that I needed it said that way. I know that the Priesthood is restored and that it is the power of God here on the Earth.

That night we watched Elder Holland's Testimony of the Book of Mormon (found on lds.org). He mentions Ether 12, so the next morning I read Ether 12. Verses 23-28, and 36-38 really hit me personally. People will mock the Book of Mormon, they will try to find fault with it. But you can't deny the power behind it when you read it. If you read it to find fault, guess what? That's what you'll get, but if you read it to find truth, to find God's word, you will! I can promise you, because I have. Just because someone doesn't accept my testimony of the Book of Mormon doesn't mean it's wrong or doesn't put the blame on me. I've done all I can. Now it is their choice to choose to accept or reject my testimony. But I am found spotless at the last day.

That was Saturday I read those verses, and during the day, well do I have a story for you! We biked to an area we haven't been in before. As we were locking us our bikes to a sign next to someone's house, a lady came out. First off - missionary friends has this ever happened to you?

She came out with two cups of ice water and lemon. She then talks to us about how she likes her church, but she loves what we are doing. She tells us how she is a singer for her church and sings for us. She also says that anyone who argues or tries to pull you down has "forgotten who they are and whom they are" meaning we are Children of God. As we're talking she's like "do you have a few minutes we can listen to my songs?" So we go inside, listen to some songs (she's sings like Jenny Phillips songs, same type of music). Then she looks at my shoes (I'm wearing my boots) and says "Those can't be comfortable to bike in, what's your shoe size?" Then she proceeds to go to the other room and get two pairs of shoes. Which she gives to me. One white pair, one brown. The brown ones were $150! But she was taking them to goodwill anyway. So that was the highlight of my week! :) oh and we shared with her the "Child of God" video. It was so good! She even started singing along to the chorus!

I love and miss y'all!

- Sister Miriah Loosle -
2 Nephi 2:8 -- it is our duty to share the Gospel! So Share it! :)

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