Monday, February 3, 2014


Soooo.... I bet you're all wondering what is happening here in Burlington. Well I've been here for 7 1/2 months. My entire mission thus far. And... Well... I am getting transferred :( I knew it was coming because 7 months is a long time! 5 transfers in one area. Although President Craven likes to keep missionaries in areas for quite a while, being in your first area for 7 months is unusual. But I know wherever I go, it's where I need to be. 

On that note, until next Monday, send letters and packages to the mission home:
Sister Miriah Loosle 
3020 Hilliard Dr. 
Charlotte, North Carolina 28205

So last Monday I did it - I cut my hair - I know I told everyone I wasn't going to, but it was looking weird because of the way it was growing out. And we had gotten free hair cuts from a members daughter (who's less-active). FUNNY STORY! - When I went in she asked what I wanted done, and I said, "I don't know, just like a trim to get the dead ends off, something like that, I don't know what I want" So she made some suggestions and said "Well lets cut some off the back here because as it grows out you might look like you have a MULLET!" (because it was a pixi-cut). Okay so she didn't scream mullet, but I had to infuses that! Anyway! Needless to say - I do not have a mullet :P 

Well it snowed again on Tuesday night. For how much people go crazy over it, it's snowed a lot! But it was pretty on Wednesday morning, but then by Wednesday afternoon I was sick of it! :P At District meeting I gave WhiteHand Book Training on pages 1-4. Talking about our Purpose as missionaries. It was really good. It was sad because that was our last district meeting. But it'll be good! 

Thursday Chris went to institute so we got to too!!! :) I miss institute so much! It was so good! The teacher, Brother Tucker, reminds me of Brother Hacking when I was in his seminary class. We talked about Alma 43-51. It was really interesting and eye-opening to see different opinions on it. 

Friday was good and bad. We helped a less-active move which was fun! And had coordination and went to Chick-Fil-A with Sister Sinclair. When we went to Coordination we parked in front of Brother Simpson's neighbors house, on the street. When we got out there was a truck no more than 6 inches behind the car and a car no more than 6 inches in front of the car, with a note on our car window saying, "Gone to lunch, be back Tuesday". Brother Frei (the ward mission leader) said that he could help us get out without touching the cars on either side. So I got in, worried because I didn't want to hit the cars, but trusting him. Then the neighbor comes out and starts yelling at us to "not move that car!" Well I'm glad I was in the car when all of this was happening because I probably would have started yelling back. But Sister Perez handled it very well and just talked with him. Well about 5 or 7 mins after he started yelling at us, he says, "It was all a joke! I'll move my car." Needless to say our night did not end on a happy note. But I am grateful for Brother Frei who was talking with him as well. I'm also glad I didn't have to get out of the two cars. 

On Saturday we saw Bill (the one who knows everything is true, read the Book of Mormon, but doesn't want to leave his church) with Sister Reese. It was good, we talked about his reading in the Book of Mormon. We also had lunch at Golden Corral with Aneicia because we had gift cards. Well I haven't been to Golden Corral in probably 10 years (the only times I remember going are in Utah, aka about 10 years ago!) (I can't believe I'm old enough to say that). It was so different and I got so full!!! We also got the call that night that I was being transferred. Sister Tenney in Gibsonville is also being transferred. 

SUNDAY!!! I love Sunday's! Especially Fast Sunday's! I was so emotional yesterday, it was not cool! Well I bore my testimony and started crying. Then Chris (who came to Burlington to say good-bye to me) went up and bore his testimony. That just got me crying even more. I have seen the change the gospel and especially the atonement has made in his life. It was so amazing. AND THEN! Sister Hinrichs (the not-so-less-active now) went up and bore her testimony. GOSH! It was the best good-bye presents ever!!!! I love the Gospel!! :) 

Sunday night we also saw Sister Mebane and her daughter Kathleen to say good-bye to them. It was emotional, but good! 

OH!!! During Primary, well first off, in Primary the primary kids can pass off the Articles of Faith and if they pass off all 13 they get to cut off a member of the bishoprics tie's. Well the adults can too, but they have to do all 13 at one time! So I did! :) I went to Primary opening exercises and passed off all 13 (I am grateful to my parents who helped me memorize them when I was little!). Then I cut off Brother Keel's tie! (Pictures to be sent soon!) 

I think that's all! 

I love Burlington and I'm sad to go, but I'm excited for a new adventure in North Carolina! 

Sister Miriah Loosle 

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