Monday, February 10, 2014

New Area, New Companion, New Everything!!!!

I know you are all dying to hear where I am, who's my new companion, etc etc. Well the wait is over! I am now in Kernersville, North Carolina! It's about 45 mins West of Burlington. I am in the High Point Stake. And my companion is Sister Reading! She is so great!

Well back on my last day in Burlington, my district went to Red Robin for lunch and then I packed like a crazy woman! I don't like packing and always leave it for last minute. But I got everything packed and
to Kernersville!

Tuesday morning Sister Moore took Sister Perez and I to Cracker Barrel for breakfast and then drove us down to Charlotte.

We met this wonderful girl named Leighann, who's 13. She went to mutual last week, but wasn't able to come to church. Her mom says that she can take the lesson, we tried to teach her, but she's not interested. Ah well maybe someday.

I got to meet Edna who is getting baptized on Feburary 22nd! And her cousin-in-law, Wanye, is getting baptized on March 1stt! They are both so great and I'm so glad I got to met them.

So much happened this week, but it went by so fast I couldn't even tell you what happened!

Happy Birthday Brandon!! And congrats on getting the Priesthood! That is so neat that Jason got to ordain him!

Church was good, I was asked to bare my testimony. I think it went well!

The missionaries in Kernersville and Colfax (in our district) are planning a member MTC. It sounds fun, but we'll see how it turns out!

Love you all!!

Sorry this is so short! I have lots of emails to reply too!

- Sister Loosle's iPad

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