Monday, February 24, 2014

The Switch-A-Roo!

Well to start off I am in a different apartment! So...Story Time! :) 

Okay not really, our apartment was not in a nice part of town. Somethings happened (not to us) that just made us uncomfortable. So on Thursday when we had interviews with President Craven, he told us that we were switching apartments with the Elders and then when the lease is up, no more missionaries in that area. So my new new address is: 

Kernersville, NC 27284

So much has happened this week! It's so great! :) So We had a baptism:) :) :) Sister Idol! (pictures are included this week!) She is Sister McNeill's cousin! And this coming Saturday Brother McNeill is getting baptized! Sister McNeill has been a member for almost 50 years! So Brother McNeill has been around it forever, but just wasn't ready. I am so grateful I am here in Kernersville at this time! 

Tonya, the Jehovah's Witness, doesn't want to talk about the Book of Mormon, but still wants to meet. So I'm thinking once a week or maybe every other week for now. She is so nice (which surprised me). So we're going to teach the Plan of Salvation this week without using the Book of Mormon... pray for us... and we'll tell you how it goes next week! 

Mom and Dad - Please let Losa and Rebecca (Brady) know I got their letters and will be sending replies when I get some time! :) Thanks! 

We saw Ella and the Youngs on Friday. Ella is this cute little 10 year old girl, who's mom and siblings are members, but less-active, and her dad is not a member. But she wants to get baptized so badly. We just want her to have the family support so we're working with her mom. :) 

Saturday was Sister Idol's baptism. It was so amazing! Sister (Denise) Morris gave a musical number. (I think she has some stuff on youtube or iTunes you could look up). She is AMAZING! Brother Fox, our ward mission leader, performed the baptism. (BTW - who's the ward mission leader in SV?) It was his first :) He served a mission in Germany, but wasn't able to see someone get baptized. It was so special! 

Then we saw Sister Forline's (the sister we found on Valentines day) and her granddaughter, Kaitlyn. And they both came to church! Kaitlyn is 8, so we're hoping to teach her and her parents, but we'll see:) 

Oh Goodness! I love confirmations! But let me tell you, if something doesn't go wrong at the baptism, you still have the confirmation! Sister Idol wanted President Baughan (the Stake President) to confirm her, but he had a meeting with President Craven down in Charlotte. Then she wanted Brother Findell, our gospel principals teacher, but he was out of town! So she got her third choice of Elder Peterson (our District Leader) she met him on Monday when she had her interview, and just fell in love with him! :P 

In Relief Society we talked about Elder Neilsen's talk, "Hastening the Lord's Game Plan". So wonderful! And a great lead into our Member MTC that's coming up! :) 

So today, we shopped, cleaned, and moved! It was good! We're only about 2 miles away from our old place, but it's such a nicer area! But once again, I'm living in an apartment that Elder's used to live in... No offense to Elders or anything, but you know! :P I still love all my Elder friends on missions :) 

Well I hope all of you are doing wonderfully! And don't forget to study on Hope this week! :) 
For Faith this week I learned a lot, but in one sentence, Everything we do is by Faith. I love it! 
I'd love to hear about how you are applying faith and hope in your lives. 

Sister Loosle 

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