Monday, July 29, 2013

This is My Work and My Glory

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was has been good. Sister Banks and I have been on Bikes since Tuesday night! We get the car back tonight (usually Wednesday's) because we have a training meeting in Charlotte tomorrow

Well last Monday, the Spanish Elders, the Burlington Elders, and us Burlington Sisters went bowling! It was super fun! We had to bowl in our proselyting clothes! (Sister's skirts or dresses, Elder's shirt and tie). I also made a cover for my planner! (I'll send a picture when I finally get a SD converter to send pictures :P ). 

Tuesday we had Zone Conference for the Greensboro Zone! It was so inspirational! President and Sister Craven came and spoke to us. They taught us so much! My favorite thing was a Ho-Hum! It's a boring talk, so Sister Craven taught us how to give a talk and not make it a Ho-Hum! Tuesday night we met with Dagmar again. She started reading the Book of Mormon, so we answered some questions she had and committed her to come to the Pioneer Activity the next day! Which she came too!!!!!!!!!!! :)  We also had Sister Sheperd at our lesson with Dagmar, which was great! She's a convert of about 20 years. 
   I got a letter from the Esplins! Thank you so much! I can't wait to hear more about my cousins and aunts and uncles (and grandparents and friends) in the coming months! 

Pioneer Day was good, it was the first full day on Bikes! OH MY GOODNESS! I have never been so physically tired in my life! But it was great! Dagmar and her sons Anthony and Walter came to the activity! And the ward was so great in fellowshipping them! 

Thursday we pretty much just tracked everyone around our apartment! 

Friday - I've been on my mission for a month now! Crazy how it's already been a month! It's funny because my District Leader (Elder Steenson, one of the Elders in Burlington too) has been on his mission longer than the other 3 missionaries in Burlington combined! (Sister Banks and I, and his companion Elder Skousen). The rest of us are all fairely new. 

Saturday - Both Friday and Saturday Dagmar cancelled her appointment with us, because Anthony moved in with his Dad in Philadelphia this week, so she's just been having a hard week. The devil is really working on her, but we told her to continue praying and reading the Book of Mormon. We'll hopefully be able to meet with her the beginning of this week. 

So I figured out why missionaries gain weight on their missions!! It's because the members feed them so well! Seriously! Every night we eat with a member we have such good food! AND A DESSERT!!!! I've never had this much dessert in my life! Sometime we just want something simple, but the food is good! I haven't had anything super weird yet. 

Oh I went through our media closet and we had 4 grocery bags FULL of VHS tapes of all the church media we give out! So we'll be giving those to Good-Will and maybe someone will buy them and want to know more about the church. 

Sunday is always a great day! We talked about work in Sunday school and working because you WANT to, not because you HAVE to. A lot of the youth gave talks about their experiences from Pioneer Trek! I was reminiscing on  my experience with trek and how fun it was! I'm pretty sure the Stake is suppose to have one next year! If they do that would be amazing! And I know Jason, Sam, and Adam would all have a great time! :) 

Speaking of Sam - HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :) I hope you have a good day! :) I'll send something off today for you! :) 

Love you all! 

Sister Loosle 

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