Monday, July 22, 2013

Pioneers Prepare the Way for Others to Come

Hello Friends and Family, 

This week has just flown by! I can't believe it's P-Day again already! I love this area. I hope I'm here until Christmas, because a Less-Active that Sister Banks and I saw yesterday said they do a "live" (stand-still) nativity at Christmas at the church building! Which would just be amazing to see. 

I forgot to mention last week, that I am in a tri-car share. Meaning we have the car for 2 weeks and then bike for a week. So this Wednesday at District Meeting we give up the car and ride our bikes! And we aren't really driving a car, we're driving a van. Yes a Mini-Van. But it'll be fun! 

This week flew by, but Tuesday was seriously the LONGEST DAY EVER! It was the first day that Burlington has had without rain for almost a full month! And because of the humidity it was HOT! I also think because of all the bug bite I had gotten it felt like the day just dragged (but after Tuesday my bites got better!) We had lunch with a member at a Thai food restaurant, which was actually really good. 

Wednesday we met a lot of less-active families and got to know them and let them know that Sisters are now in the area. It was fun to put names and faces together so they weren't just names on a roster. 

Thursday we went on visits with one of the Sisters in our ward. We saw some more less-actives and found Sister Hall after dinner. She is so sweet! She reminds me of D'auriel and Whitley's moms combined! (Not just because she's black, but she also acts like them) We talked to her and she hasn't been to church in over 20 years! She became a member in the '70's. We have another appointment with her this week, so we hope we can get her testimony fire started again. 

On Friday, we really saw miracles! We went to a less active members home, but they weren't there so we worked in the area. It was 8:30, so we only had a half hour left, and we knocked on a door and Dagmar open the door. She had met with the missionaries before, when she lived in Florida, but since coming here (3 years ago) she hasn't. She missed the feeling that the missionaries brought so she let us in and I taught her about the Book of Mormon again, while Sister Banks talked to her son, Anthony, who's 14. He has a lot of great questions about God and the nature of God. He just has a hard time focusing so his questions are all over the place! We made a return appointment for the next day. 

So on Saturday we had lunch and a semi first discussion with Dagmar. It didn't go the way we wanted or really any way at all, but I hope Dagmar got what she needed out of it. I had forgotten my planner on Saturdaywhile we were out, so I felt lost the entire day. That might be one of the reasons the lesson didn't go well. But I learned my lesson! Never leave home without your planner! 

Sundays are just amazing! I love church! The Stake Presidency visited our ward and spoke. There were a few things that really stood out to me: 
  • Every Calling is a Teaching Calling 
  • Pioneers Prepare the Way for Others to Come
  • Remember who you are and where you come from
  • If you remember where you've come from, you'll never get lost
  • Make Memories. Be intentional about the memories you make
Sister Banks and I also taught Gospel Principals yesterday. That was fun. We taught about sacrifice and how we still sacrifice today, maybe not blood sacrifices, but our time, money, talents, and efforts. 

That's my week. I love all of you. And I pray that you are all safe! 


Sister Loosle  

P.S. I need to buy a SD Card converter, so I can send my pictures to y'all. Also Mom and Dad can you send my green 16-gig flashdrive so I can put all my pictures on there? Thank you! :) 

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