Tuesday, July 16, 2013

First Week in the Field!

First Week in the Field!

Hello Family and Friends! 

I have so much to catch up on because I didn't get to email last week! So I'll just go through everything from the last time I emailed! 

On the 4th of July, the MTC Presidency let us stay up late and watch the fireworks! We also got to watch "17 Miracles" which is a fantastic movie! Brother Laney (who was in my Branch Presidency) gave a talk before the movie. His talk was on, "Our Message is One of Freedom". 

On Friday, Sister Tucker and I went "tracking" and knocked on Mrs. Pinkney's door, she let us in and we had a great discussion about everything the gospel has to offer. From The Restoration to the Plan of Salvation to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was a great lesson! That day we also invited our other investigator, Jason, to be baptized! but on Saturday we found out Jason is actually Jessica (but our teacher didn't want to play a girl, so he switched a few things) and she lives in the Charlotte Mission! So all of us going to Charlotte are going to try and find her and get her to come back to the church, because Brother Fuller is pretty sure she's less-active. 

Sunday was just amazing! Since it was Fast Sunday, there was a Mission Conference with all the missionaries at the Provo MTC and West Campus. We filled up I think 5 overflow rooms including the cafeteria! The whole MTC Presidency talked to us, which was amazing! At the Sunday night devotional, George Durrant and Susan Eastan Black spoke to us. That night I said good-bye to some of the Elders in my district because they were going to Oklahoma City! And I was leaving at 3:30 AM the next day! 

Monday - the day of travel! I got up at 2AM And we went to the Airport. We got to Charlotte around 3 and President and Sister Craven met us at the airport. They are so wonderful! For dinner that night Sister Craven made pulled pork and baked bean! It was delicious! Especially after eating airport food all day! She also made a Banana Pudding with Vanilla Wafers for desert! Then we went to bed before 9 because we had been up for so long! 

Tuesday was Transfers. The new missionaries had some training before the other missionaries came in Charlotte. I saw Sister Banks (who went to Utah State and was in my ward first semester) at Transfers and was so excited to say hi to her! Well when President Craven said "Sister Banks will be training Sister Loosle" I just couldn't believe it! I was companions with Sister Banks!!! It's so great! We're opening an area for Sister, there have been Elders here, but now we're here too! So there's a set of Elders and Sister in our Ward! We're in Burlington, which is right on the Northern Board, right by Virginia and the Raleigh Mission. When we got here, we already had a dinner appointment with one of the families in the ward. They are so excited to have Sisters in the ward! 

My Address is (for packages): 

Sister Miriah Loosle 
Burlington, N.C. 27215

My Address is (for letters):

Sister Miriah Loosle
North Carolina Charlotte Mission
3020 Hilliard Dr.
Charlotte, NC 28205

This week we've really just been trying to get to know the members of the ward and the area, since the Elders are the one's who have all the current investigators. But we're working hard and we've been knocking on a LOT of doors this week! We've also had a lot of interesting conversations. Most of the people around here, even when they don't want to listen to our message are really nice about it. Which always makes me feel a little better than when they're mean. 

Yesterday was a great Sunday! It was so nice to finally go to church and take the sacrament. The ward here is really small, I was actually surprised, because I was expecting like my ward back home, about 100 people or so, but this ward didn't even fill up the chapel all the way (and it's a smaller chapel than Austin's). But that just means Sister Banks and I have a lot of work ahead of us! 

It's so great to hear from everyone and I hope y'all are doing great! :) 

Sister Loosle 

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