Monday, November 18, 2013

Roller Coaster

I have never felt more like I was on a roller coaster in my entire life, than I did this week.
Family, Friends, Missionaries, and Everyone Else! 
Well I can't believe it's only been a week. Last Sunday feels like months ago, but I feel like I said Good-bye to Sister Banks and Elder Steenson yesterday. 

To start off with, Tuesday, we just don't talk about. If you think I was emotional at all when I left for my mission, man are you wrong! It seemed like every 5 minutes Sister Perez and I would just start crying on Tuesday. We had Breakfast with the Elders and Sister Moore. Then Sister Banks left with Sister Moore and Sister Thomas. 

Thursday was good, we saw Gaby :) She's so great! 
Friday we met the Sisters in Gibsonville, Sister Flake and Sister Tenny. Sister Flake also got trained by Sister Banks. 

We taught Reina at the Frei's home, it was such a great lesson because of them! (You should invite the missionaries to teach someone in your homes :) ) 
Oh and on Friday we found out some very import news! And change of rules! 
  1. During the first or second week of December everyone in the mission will be getting iPads!!!! :) 
  2. This Friday, our mission will get to hear from . . . Elder Quinten L. Cook! I know crazy!!!!
  3. We can't have meals with the Elders anymore. Ah well! It was fun when we did! 
This weekend was Stake Conference and we got to go to the Saturday Night session! Usually missionaries don't go. It was so great! 

On Saturday night we had Pizza with the Boyers, a great couple! And we took home the left-overs. So on Sunday morning I had cold pizza for breakfast! I haven't had cold pizza for ages! And it was so good!!! :) 

I love you all! :) 
-Sister Loosle

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