Monday, November 4, 2013

Happy (Belated) Halloween!

Happy (Belated) Halloween!
We started off this week with exchanges with the High Point Sister Training Leaders. I went down to High Point with Sister Carlsen and Sister Banks, Perez, and Ulibarri stayed in Burlington. It was such a good experience. I always learn so much. 
Oh and on Monday, Sister Banks, Perez, and I made cookies for our District! Well Sister Banks made them. They have vanilla pudding mix in them and our SOOOOOO GOOOOOOD!!!!! 
Wednesday we did a lot of tracking because our appointments fell through, but that's okay! We found some good potential investigators! And then we drove down to Charlotte! Yay for the forth time this month! (well last) We drove down for our trainer/trainee meeting on Thursday

Which that meeting was fantastic! Although I felt really rebuked! But that's okay, I'm changing what I need to! :) 
Friday we got in contact with a former investigator, Billy. His lesson was so great! We've never been that BOLD with someone before, but he needed it!
Saturday we work EXTRA EXTRA HARD because we wanted to be EXTRA EXTRA TIRED for Daylight savings! 
Sunday I felt refreshed! Not tired! It was great! Our lesson in Sunday School was on the Law of Chastity. Let me tell you, I don't care how old you are or how many times you talked about the Law of Chastity, it is still awkward! But maybe that's because our teacher is awkward! I don't know. Anyway! It was still a good lesson, but kind of weird as a missionary, because I feel like we take it to the extreme, which is good, but funny too. 

Then we taught Relief Society! We taught them principals to help them with their missionary work. Like:
  • Short Powerful Statements
  • Getting out of your comfort Zone
  • The Companionship of the Holy Ghost

It was a great lesson. Then we had the sisters practice and ROLE PLAY! It was good. But some of the sisters didn't get into it, so they didn't have fun, but that's life. 
Testimony meeting was so powerful! Elder Steenson (my District Leader) is leaving (like going home) next week, so he bore his testimony. He is such a good missionary and it's going to be sad to see him go, but he's definitely left his mark in this ward. Sister Banks also bore her testimony and it was powerful as well. I am so grateful to be working with these two wonderful missionaries. 

I love you all! :) 
-Sister Loosle

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