Friday, June 21, 2013

Choose The Right

In the church we have a saying, "Choose the Right". From Primary (the classes we go to as kids, ages 3-11) we learn this phrase. We get our first CTR ring, that turns our figures green if you wear it too long. On most standard CTR rings the CTR is on a shield. To me, it helps me remember to wear the Armor of God all the time. 

When I was 9, my family went on a road trip across the country. We started in Utah (where we lived at the time) and travel East toward Illinois and Ohio. Illinois and Ohio have church history sites (that's why we were going). In Nauvoo, Illinois I got my first "real" CTR ring. It had the CTR shield, and the ring part was made of different colored flowers. I loved it and wore it everyday until it broke when I was 12ish. 

I've wanted to get a new CTR since then, but never did. This past week while my boyfriend was in town, I got a new one. He gave it to me as a going away present. My friends (and family) have all asked the question, "Is it a promise ring?" To that I say, "It could be". And it could, but no one really knows what will happen in a year and a half. Although, I would love it to be, I'm also staying realistic. 

-Sister Loosle

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