Monday, May 19, 2014

Happy Belated Mothers Day!!

Dear Everyone!

It was great to see my family yesterday! I hope all missionaries and missionary moms had a good time talking yesterday!

Monday was so nice! We decided to go shopping down town, it was interesting, because down town is a street, but that's okay! It was still fun! We went to the Malasky's for dinner and had Mexican for Cinco de Mayo! (Pictures to follow). That night we also had a lesson with Leighann. She is preparing to be baptized on May 24th! We taught her about Prayer and Scripture Study.

Tuesday - Miracle Day! Back up to April 16th, Sister Reading and I knocked on a man named RV's door. He was sad that day because he just got news his dog, Junie, wasn't going to make it. They work for the police and special forces to find people, pets, and things. That day we said a prayer for him and Junie and then left, never thinking about it again. Well on Monday the Colfax Sisters tell me that RV went to church on Sunday trying to find us. He gave them his card so we could call him. We also got a referral from Church Headquarters for him on Monday night.

So we went to go see him. Apparently an hour after we left his house on April 16th he got another call from the vet saying Junie was going to make it. He went through every possible way to try and get back in contact with us. Including calling Salt Lake. But we got the message. Although he does not want to learn more about the church, it is a testimony to me that God is in the details of our lives and is helping all.

Tuesday night we saw Sister Shepard and Eddie with Sister Hunter. Both were great lessons.

Wednesday we went on exchanges. I went to High Point with Sister Neilson and Sister Mouritsen stayed in Kernersville with Sister Nelson. The STLs are amazing missionaries and I always learn so much from them. While I was in High Point the sisters here found 5 new investigators!

Friday was Zone Meeting and President and Sister Craven were at Zone Meeting! It was really good! I learned so much about prayer and the spirit. We saw Leighann again this time with Lauren, who is her age. Which I think was really good.

I started a new journal this week! I hope I finish this one on the last day of my mission!

Interviews were on Saturday. After we went out to work, Sister Mouritsens bike lock wouldn't open, so her bike was stuck to the pole! So we walked and talked to people for a bit, then tried again and it worked!

Oh I forgot! On Friday and Saturday we got stuck in rain storms while biking home. It was fun! And a little scary! But we're okay!

Sunday Leighann came to church! It was so fantastic! I also got to Skype my family of course! All is well!

Today were just going to relax which will be nice! :)

I love y'all!

Sister Loosle

- Sister Miriah Loosle -
2 Nephi 2:8 -- it is our duty to share the Gospel! So Share it! :)

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